(Listen To Feels So Good- https://on.soundcloud.com/vgxBY)

A.B. Slater’s previous EP “Driller” showcased his versatility and creativity as he merged drill music with samples from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to create a unique and memorable sound that paid homage to one of his biggest inspirations. With his upcoming single “Feel So Good,” A.B. Slater aims to inspire listeners to feel confident, happy, and uplifted. The song’s title perfectly encapsulates its intention – to create a feel-good vibe that is both infectious and enjoyable.

“Today, more than ever, we need to feel good,” says A.B. Slater.

A.B. Slater is a Hip Hop artist who likes to dance, smoke cannabis and look good. With a smooth delivery, various flows, and provocative witty punchlines, his music is upbeat and entertaining, yet it doesn’t lack lyrical substance.