Dr. Francis begins her eye-opening memoir by detailing the path that led her to a career in the federal government, as well as challenges balancing this work with her husbands fast-paced military career. For 18 years, she successfully served various government agencies until things took a negative turn. What follows is a seven-year battle against discrimination, racism, and unlawful retaliation from the entity of government that is meant to watch over and protect the people.

Throughout the work, Dr. Francis provides vivid behind-the-scenes insights and alarming stories of the highs and lows of her 25-year career. This includes detailing the impact that liars and bullies played in the eventual disappointing outcome of her government career. However, despite chronic organizational corruption and mismanagement, Dr. Francis maintains a positive, solutions-oriented approach.

Dr. Francis helps readers understand how power structures are maintained in organizations and why this allows inefficiencies and financial irresponsibility to run rampant. As an African American woman, she hopes that by bringing attention to her story she will inspire other women to be courageous and tell their full, naked truth.

Though my story is a painful one to tell, its critically important to me that it serves to motivate, empower and inspire othersparticularly women of colorwho seek justice, are committed to ending systemic racism, and are determined to speak truth to power, said Dr. Francis. Rather than focus on my past challenges, I hope others see my story as one of determination, resilience, strength, hard work and resolve.

Naked Truth is now available for sale on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Naked-Truth-Discrimination-Retaliation-Government-ebook/dp/B0C2CLVS8Y . To learn more, visit https://drjeandfrancis.com/naked-truth/.

About Dr. Jean D. Francis
Dr. Jean D. Francis is an author, educator and entrepreneur who spent 25 years serving the federal government as a financial and budget management expert with top-tier government agencies including the Department of Defense (DOD) Pentagon, Department of Interior (DOI), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Labor (DOL). She is the Founder and CEO of JELI Management Company, LLC and currently serves as Adjunct Professor at the American Public University Systems (APUS). Dr. Francis is the behind-the-scenes go-to marketing advisor and educator for top business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Capella University. For more information, visit https://drjeandfrancis.com/.