Police roll out “IDK Interactive Anti-drugs Drama” to deliver anti-drug messages to primary students (with photos)


     The Hong Kong Police Force premiered the “IDK Interactive Anti-drugs Drama” at PMQ, Central today (April 21).  This innovative interactive drama aims to deliver anti-drug messages to young people, particularly primary students, and guide them to stay away from drugs.

     Addressing at the premiere, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Siu Chak-yee, pointed out that 298 teenagers, aged between 10 and 20, were arrested for serious drug offences in 2022, which registered a decrease of about 30 per cent when compared with the 430 arrests made in 2021. If only students are counted, the decrease is about 40 per cent. Although the numbers showed a decline, with 17 students, aged 13 to 14, exploited by drug criminals and arrested for drug trafficking in 2022, youth involvement in drug offences is still on a growing trend.  He reiterated that “even a single case matters” because the penalty for drug trafficking is very severe. He also emphasised that Police would continue to actively collaborate with different community stakeholders to promote anti-drug messages and prevent young people from being exploited by culprits.

     Based on the personal experience of Mr Cheng Ming-fai, a registered social worker of the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers, the interactive drama simulates the consequences of different life challenges and choices faced by teenagers during their adolescence with the concept of the Monopoly game. The overall experience is designed to inspire the audience to learn about “I do know” instead of “I don’t know” and refuse drugs when facing temptation. The interactive drama includes an interview with Mr Cheng after the play. Mr Cheng also shared his personal experience of drug rehabilitation during the premiere, pointing out that he had lost his family, friends and future due to drugs. He urged young people to firmly refuse drugs.

     About 130 principals, teachers, parents, and students from 28 primary schools attended the premiere and participated in the interactive anti-drug education experience. The “IDK Interactive Anti-drugs Drama” will be performed in 30 primary schools across Hong Kong from April to July, with each performance accommodating 150 primary school students. For details and arrangement of the performance of the “IDK Interactive Anti-Drugs Drama, representatives of primary schools are welcome to email their contact information to ip-sip-int-1d-nb@police.gov.hk.