We will provide a detailed comparison of HiPeak Elias and Aventon Sinch to help readers understand their characteristics and choose the suitable folding electric bike.

Nowadays, there is a wave of electric bicycles sweeping the world. According to reports, the current best-selling electric assisted bike globally is not an electric car, but an electric bicycle. Its global sales in 2021 amounted to $9.7 billion, with a significant increase seen in the UK and US markets. As they become more popular, the number of electric bicycle brands and models is steadily increasing.

There is a wide variety of electric bicycles on the market, and folding electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as a new type of transportation. Among the many brands of folding electric bikes, HiPeak Elias and Aventon Sinch are both highly regarded. Both models adopt a step-through folding design, which caters to a broader range of people who want to use electric bicycles. If you are not tall or have mobility issues, it can allow you to comfortably pedal. Some people can also feel safer on a smaller frame. However, the two models differ in configuration, performance, and price. In this article, we will provide a detailed comparison of HiPeak Elias and Aventon Sinch to help readers understand their characteristics and advantages and choose the folding electric bike that suits them best.

Generally speaking, the issues that users are most concerned about are price and service, power performance, mileage range, quality, and so on. When these factors all meet your needs, the model may be very suitable for you and can provide you with a long time of riding. Let’s compare these factors carefully to see how they affect the driving performance of these two models.

Performance contrast

Brand                                                              HiPeak                                               Aventon

Model                                                    Elias                                                   Sinch

Price                                                      $1299                                                   $1499

Warranty                                               1-year                                                   2-year

Motor                                    750W brushlessrear hub motor      750W(peak) 500W(continuous) brushless rear hub motor

Battery                                   Removable 48V 15Ah lithium battery                 Removable 48V 14Ah lithium battery

Range                                                  55-60 miles                                                 40 miles

Tire                                     20″x4″ puncture-resistant Fat Tires                         20″x4″ puncture-resistant Fat Tires

Basic frame                           6061 aluminum frame                            6061 aluminum alloy with built-in battery

Display screen                   Smart display screen with backlight                                      Smart display screen with backlight

Dis brake                                 front and rear mechanical dis brake                         front and rear mechanical dis brake

Maximum speed                           15.5mph                                                          20mph

Pedal assist                                    7 level                                                            5 level

Transmission              Shimano TX50-R shift system 7 speed                                    8 speed

Bike weight                                  61 pounds                                                       53 pounds

Load capacity                              350 pounds                                                     300 pounds

Price and service

When we are choosing an electric bike product, price and service are important factors besides quality. Learning from the list above, you may hesitate in making a final decision on whether to purchase the Aventon Sinch, which is $200 more expensive. After all, some people may think that a higher price represents higher quality. However, a face-to-face comparison shows that the motor, battery, and performance of Elias are all superior to Sinch.

If you choose Aventon in the end because of the price, what will you get? First, you will pay an extra $200, which you could have used to celebrate with a nice meal. In addition, you will get a lower motor power, a shorter riding range, a smaller load capacity, and fewer assistance level options. Overall, HiPeak allows you to spend less $200 while getting a high-performance electric fat tire folding bike and first-class service.

HiPeak Elias is versatile and can be used not only for commuting. Its step-through design and fat tires mean that riders can comfortably traverse any terrain regardless of their physical condition.

Power performance

The motor of an electric bike refers to an electric motor with a power source and controller that provides power to drive the bike. The motor rotates and drives the wheels through power supplied by the battery, thus enabling the bike to move. Brushless direct current motors are typically used in electric bikes because they are highly efficient, produce low noise, and are small in size, and do not require regular maintenance. Depending on personal needs and budget, electric bike motors have different power ratings, typically ranging from 250W to 1000W. At the same time, the controller of the electric bike motor is also essential as it can control the output power, speed, and acceleration of the motor, improving the performance and safety of the electric bike.

From the list, we know that HiPeak and Aventon have the same power motor, indicating that they may have similar performance in terms of power. However, other factors such as battery capacity, control system, bike weight, rider weight, and cargo weight may also affect their performance.

Mileage range

The range of an electric bicycle is the range of distance that the bike can travel under different conditions after one full charge. The range of an electric bicycle is influenced by a variety of factors, including

Battery capacity: The range of an e-bike is directly proportional to its battery capacity; the larger the battery capacity, the further the range.

Riding mode: E-bikes are usually equipped with a variety of riding modes, such as assist mode, pure power mode and sport mode, etc. The power consumption and range will also vary in different riding modes.

Riding environment: Riding environment also has an impact on the range of electric bicycle, such as road slope, wind resistance, temperature, etc. will affect the energy consumption and range of electric bicycle.

Rider weight and luggage weight: The rider’s own weight and the weight of the luggage he or she carries will also have an impact on the energy consumption and range of the e-bike.

No one wants to be tied down by distance. It’s a terrible thing when you’re about to reach your destination and you can’t go on because your battery run out.

The HiPeak Elias commuting electric bike can travel up to 60 miles, allowing you to go wherever you want without too much restriction on rider weight and road conditions.

The Aventon Sinch has a built-in waterproof and detachable battery. Riding in the rain or on wet roads will not damage it, but please do not expose it to heavy rain or immerse it in water for a long time. The built-in battery has the advantages of windproof, rainproof, and anti-stone impact. Additionally, it has a simple and user-friendly design. You only need to twist the safety lock, take out the battery for separate charging, and then insert it directly into the tube and lock it securely after it is fully charged. This process does not require any tools, is simple and quick, and anyone can do it.


Regarding the brakes, both models use 180mm mechanical disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes use spring force and friction force to brake the disc, providing stronger braking force and better braking effect than traditional V brakes or rim brakes.

The braking components of mechanical disc brakes, such as the brake disc and brake caliper, are made of metal materials that are wear-resistant and durable. They can maintain good braking performance even after long-term use.

The structure of mechanical disc brakes is simple and easy to maintain and adjust. Problems such as brake disc wear and brake pad damage can be easily replaced and adjusted. Since hydraulic oil is not required for braking, it can avoid the problem of unstable braking force due to temperature changes in hydraulic brakes.

On the display, both use backlight LCD smart and easy-to-read screens. Even in strong light, users can still see data clearly. Sinch can also connect to the Aventon APP, allowing you to share your cycling journey with friends.

However, HiPeak is easier and faster to use, with only three buttons to operate the bike’s functions. The controller’s computer provides you with all the information you need. You can customize speed options and other safety settings based on your own physical ability and road conditions.

In terms of gears, Elias is equipped with a 7-speed shifting system, which provides a wide range of choices for riders. More gears provide more flexibility for riders, meaning they can adjust their riding speed to suit their riding conditions and the terrain they face. Aventon commuter bikes have eight gears, helping riders have more room to grow while riding.

Elias is small in size, but its functionality is powerful enough, and it rides great. Its comfort also makes commuting an easy experience, and its small size makes it easier and more convenient to move around in urban areas. The 15Ah high-capacity battery is sufficient for commuting to and from work.


Although there are various electric bikes available, purchasing them is not a small amount. When you compare them, you will quickly find that the specifications and features of these models are slightly different. When making your choice, you need to think carefully to find something that suits you.


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