The ad will appear at the bottom of the screen with very little information on the first level. When you click the base banner, the product information is presented in full-screenmode. Users can also click the close button to minimize the ad and continue browsing the publisher’s page.

The supported mobile browser includes Chrome, internet explorer, firefox, safari, opera, UC browser

The benefit of using Smartphone Anchored Ads Plugin for Revive

Ad delivery on various Smartphone devices that is responsive
Delivers ads in a super-rich media format.
Increase user engagement with in-ad content.
There is a noticeable increase in CTR (click-through ratio).
Smartphone anchor ad user clicks, impressions, and conversions can all be recorded.

Our plugin works on iOS and Android devices and is easy to install with Revive adserver. In order to satisfy their own needs, advertisers can entirely customize it, changing the size, color, and placement of the anchoring advertising.

We are convinced that the Smartphone Anchored Ads Plugin for Revive will improve both advertisers’ and users’ mobile advertising experiences. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding our plugin or would want to organize a demo.