So, after careful consideration, in order to give our product line a wider scope, we chose a new logo that reflects all the ideas and themes that are the basis of MAGISNAT: its main color is still green, in order to evoke nature and plants. Also, we chose not to lose the olive leaves that have characterized us from the very beginning: they have been turned into a small olive branch, carrying 3 (lucky number!) olives. Finally, as mentioned above, the name wasalso changed: Dr. Matteo Bertellis, in honor of MAGISNATs founder and inspired by an important historical figure, about whom we will discuss in a following Meeting. This choice enables our researchers to expand the scope of their interests and studies to develop dietary supplements containing natural molecules naturally contained in many plants of the Mediterranean diet, not only from the olive tree.

We will further explain the ideas behind this rebranding in the next press releases, until our products will finally be on the market in their new packaging. Not only that, we must specify that also the dietary supplements already composing the GARLIVE line have been renamed, as follows:

– Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Immune System Tablets (formerly Garlive Recovery;
– Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Immune System Spray (formerly Garlive Oral Spray

We will provide the new links as soon as our Amazon store will be updated to the new graphics and product names.

We specify that the changes will only concern the names and outward appearances of the products, without affecting their formulations.