Kolkata witnesses “never-before” street photography extraordinaire across a 24-hour calendar day on 15th March 2023

KOLKATA, IndiaApril 5, 2023PRLog — 40 street photographers from 7 different nations converged at Kolkata, and within a single 24-hour calendar day, from midnight to midnight, they roamed around the streets capturing moments of the Kolkata life as it unfolded, as it happened, as it really is. The contingent of street photographers was divided into sub-groups and was sent to different regions of the city allocated for each group across different time slots. Several photographers stretched as long as 18 hrs beyond their stipulated slots. They braved the scorching March sun, the rising humidity, the pollution, and the traffic congestion all for the love of street photography, people, and the City of Joy – Kolkata.

Kevin Unger, DOTSO Founder,  stated: “Street photography has become the most popular genre of photography, and it’s no wonder that it would multiply due to the invention of the smartphone. It’s easy enough to go into a city center for a few hours and take some real breathtaking photos. But I always felt, that to get a good sense and cross-section of a city, to really bring it to life it would take much more than one photographer can do. DOTSO is about bringing street photographers together, to share their perspectives and through photos show the heart and soul of a city captured within a twenty four hour period – one full calendar day!”

DOTSO Kolkata has been different in a way that was never attempted in the previous editions. Street photographers as far as from Israel, Belgium, USA, Britain, Sweden, France, and India decided and volunteered to participate in this unique project along with a dozen selected students from the Photography Club of the Heritage School, to capture the very soul and essence of Kolkata – The City of Joy!

Read statements from:-
Abhishek Deb – Dais World,
Sabyasachi Nath – PCI,
Pradeep Agarwal – Heritage Group of Institutions
Here: https://pressrelease.dais.world/news/the_day_on_the_stree…

Kevin Unger felt exhausted from more than 15 years of his photojournalism career. He decided to put his cameras away for years, as he felt it tiring being caught in the crossfire of war reporting and a never changing narrative. One of his photojournalist friends pushed him towards picking up the camera again to shoot street shots. He eventually found his passion back for photography while doing street photography and he realised the therapeutic value it brought to his life. As a kid, he was vulnerable to substance abuse and he strongly believes that street photography as an art, discipline, and genre can help socially challenged kids to use this as a tool to get back to a normal life. DOTSO comes with a purpose to spread the art of street photography to everyone not only as an expression but also as a way to revival & rejuvenation.

DOTSO focuses on taking this awareness to every corner of the planet, one city at a time.