Earable® Neuroscience U.S. (“Earable®“), is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Singapore-based Excelpoint Technology Pte. Ltd., (“Excelpoint“) to accelerate the commercialisation of the world’s first AI-powered consumer wearable, FRENZ™ Brainband, which tracks and stimulates brain activities to enhance mental well-being through improvements in sleep, relaxation and focus.

Mr. Tam Vu – CEO of Earable Neuroscience U.S. on the left, and Mr. Albert Phuay – Chairman of Excelpoint on the right – shared their visions in making positive impacts for human wellbeing.

The Strategic Agreement Signing Ceremony was presented by the leadership team from Earable Neuroscience U.S. and Excelpoint under the witness of the strategic partner – Analog Devices

FRENZ™ Brainband can precisely tracks vital data points in real-time, provides instant personalized feedback with cognitive behavioral therapy content via the integrated bone-conduction speakers, and leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to continuously evolve and provide meaningful insights to enhance mental well-being for individuals.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, researchers around the world have documented a surge in sleep disorders which affect overall health, safety and quality of life.

Powered by proprietary technologies, FRENZ™ Brainband is an invention of Earable® Neuroscience, founded by Dr Tam Vu, a scientist and professor with lifelong research in neuroscience and computer science, is a deep tech company focused on delivering scalable, human-centric neuroscience solutions that improve the everyday experience — from deep sleep to all-day focus.

With eight years of intensive deep tech R&D by scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder and University of Oxford, FRENZ™ Brainband holds 15 global patents in machine learning algorithms, materials science, and electrical engineering. FRENZ™ Brainband has been accorded multiple awards in various international technology and design competitions, marking its position as the world’s first AI-powered consumer head wearable dedicated for improving quality of sleep and cognitive functions.

Singapore-based Excelpoint was established in 1987 and it has grown into a leading regional electronics components distributor providing quality electronic components from leading electronics group such as ADI, Xilinx, NXP, Samsung, Qualcomm, Panasonic, Fujitsu, TDK, and Epson, among others as well as engineering design services and supply chain management to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), ODMs and electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) in the Asia Pacific region. Excelpoint is also the authorised distributor of Qualcomm in ASEAN, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Strategic Partnership of Earable® Neuroscience and Excelpoint to Accelerate the Commercialisation of FRENZ™ Brainband

Combined with its neuroscience data platform, Earable® Neuroscience is at the final stage of commercializing FRENZ™ Brainband.

The main goal of the strategic partnership between Earable® Neuroscience and Excelpoint is for both companies to leverage on each other’s capabilities and networks to accelerate the commericalisation of FRENZ™ Brainband, thereby enabling an entirely new world of possibilities for neuroscience applications.

As part of the strategic partnership, Excelpoint will be the exclusive procurement partner for the electronics components used for the production of FRENZ™ Brainband. In addition, Excelpoint will provide favorable procurement terms to support Earable® Neuroscience so as to accelerate the commercialisation phase of FRENZ™ Brainband.

At the same time, PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd., (“PlanetSpark”) the entrepreneurial and strategic investment arm of Excelpoint, is currently exploring its options to make an investment in Earable® Neuroscience.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, Dr. Tam Vu, Founder and CEO of Earable® Neuroscience, said: Earable® Neuroscience’s vision is to make the daily benefits of neuroscience accessible to billions of people to enhance their cognitive functions and unlock the brain’s potential, improving productivity, mental wellbeing, and quality of life.

Excelpoint’s global expertise and ecosystem in electronic components and supply chain management makes them the ideal partner to help us to secure the scalability of this vision.”

Mr. Albert Phuay, Chairman of Excelpoint added, We share Earable® Neuroscience aspirations to drive innovation in the field of disruptive sleeptech and we are thrilled with this partnership to accelerate the commercialisation of FRENZ™ Brainband to new levels of growth and expansion.

We believe that Earable®’s advanced neuroscience expertise, combined with our ecosystem will enable us to scale up the production of high-quality and cutting-edge sleeptech products that make a meaningful impact in the lives of people around the world.

About Earable® Neuroscience U.S.:

Earable® Neuroscience U.S. is a deep tech company building an applied neuroscience ecosystem to improve the everyday experience. Earable® Neuroscience invented the FRENZ™ Brainband – the world’s first AI-powered consumer wearable that can precisely track and stimulate brain activity for better sleep, focus, and relaxation. FRENZ™ holds multiple scientific awards and 15 global patents and patents pending.

MSRP Price is $490. Pre-order now available at www.frenzband.com