Born from the genuine passion of Boca Raton’s Rob Schneider, founder of The Added Touch Boutique, Rob created “Hugs,”™ a personalized, lovable teddy bear designed for grownups. Hugs™ brings warmth and joy into the hearts of its recipients. Infused with emotion, Rob says, “these teddy’s serve as the perfect alternative to sending flowers, providing comfort and affection to those in dire need of that tender squeeze.” Hugs™ is there to carry on your mission to spread your personalized teddy bear of hugs, happiness and solace to those who need it the most.

Rob, a big teddy bear himself, wanted to give the world something better than flowers. Rob says, “Cut flowers are a beautiful gesture, but they don’t last very long or work for every occasion and they don’t relay ‘A Hug,’ much the way Send-A-Hug™ ‘Hugs’ can.”

Any occasion is an occasion to Send-A-Hug.™ Not only does “Hugs” bring a personalized message of love, hugs and support, every “Hugs Box” sent raises money for cancer research and awareness for suicide prevention. It was Rob’s desire to send love to the world but also provide a way to help eradicate cancer. Join Send-A-Hug™ on their mission to eradicate cancer and Send-A-Hug™ to someone you love. Let “Hugs” be the vehicle to hug someone you love when you can’t be there to hug them in person.
From Hugworks™ International
Kelly Frank
Senior director, communications


Send A Hug, Inc.
Kelly Frank



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