Niki Grows 1000 pc in Revenue this FY, Pioneers Category of ‘Do It For Me’ Commerce for Bharat

Inspired from the western markets, the first phase of the Internet Economy in India was designed as a “Do It Yourself” model. This feels alien to the Bharat customers. Bharat customers are used to a culture of service. They interact in their local language and need someone whom they can trust and who can assist them in decision making.

Commenting on this development, Sachin Jaiswal, Co-founder & CEO of Niki says, “Niki’s pioneer Do It For Me (DIFM) model is built with the most advanced proprietary conversational technology that understands and fulfills customer’s needs via voice. Our value chain has a strong supply side gatekeeping that ensures quality goods and services. This is coupled with a digital and human stack that provides end to end proactive assistance to the Bharat customers. The experience is akin to having a trustworthy full stack Ramu Kaka in the service of your household.”

By 2022, Niki plans to expand its operations in 10 new states covering more than 2000 small towns and aims to capture 20% market share of 150 million households. With it’s unique Do It For Me model, Niki is able to deliver trust and service to Bharat households at scale. The company is unlocking the world’s largest consumer growth opportunity.