Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics (MCI) is preparing digital infrastructure to support the successful ASEAN Chairmanship 2023. Acting Director-General of Posts and Informatics Operations of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Ismail, stated that his ministry is continuously monitoring the telecommunications network to maintain its quality.

Indonesian MCI Ensures Telecommunication Access for Successful ASEAN Chairmanship 2023

“One of MCI’s tasks is to provide telecommunications networks and internet access to ensure the smooth running of ASEAN Chairmanship 2023,” he emphasized in Jakarta on Friday, March 31, 2023.

Ismail also stated that specifically for the ASEAN Summit slated to be held in May 2023 in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, MCI has ensured adequate network infrastructure. There are 3,773.73 km of fiber optic network and 2,055 ODP points in the area. In addition, there are 1,635 4G BTS and 3 5G BTS.

Regarding the quality of the network, Ismail stated that Labuan Bajo, which had previously hosted the G20 event, has been served by 4G and 5G telecommunication networks. In fact, fixed broadband operators are also available in the area.

“78.12% of the Labuan Bajo area has been covered by 4G signals. Even in residential areas, the coverage has reached 94.51%, and some areas have been served with 5G signal,” he said.

The ministry is also monitoring the quality of mobile telecommunications networks. In fact, telecommunications service operators have taken anticipatory measures by upgrading their networks through Combat BTS provision.

“We are monitoring from our Telecommunications Monitoring Center. And for the needs of ASEAN Summit 2023, telecommunications operators, especially the Telkom Group, are making various preparations, such as providing Combat BTS and upgrading some existing BTS in Golomori and Labuan Bajo, which are currently in progress by 44.7% and targeted to be completed by the second week of April 2023,” he said.


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