The best commuter electric bikes can help you get to work faster and with less effort. This means that you won’t arrive at your destination feeling tired, and it can also keep you away from traffic lights and other obstacles along the way.

The best commuter electric bikes can help you get to work faster and with less effort. This means that you won’t arrive at your destination feeling tired, and it can also keep you away from traffic lights and other obstacles along the way.

Through this method, you’ll become healthier, and your commute time may be shorter than driving or taking public transportation, as you’ll find the faster bike-friendly routes only accessible by bike.

What is an commuter electric bike?

The commuter electric bike is a part of a larger category of commuter bicycles that we believe have certain features that make them most suitable for short-distance commuting in densely populated urban environments. They are usually lighter and more agile than regular electric bikes, and sometimes have less power and range than regular electric bikes as well.

Obviously, any electric bike can be a urban commuter electric bike. You can happily ride a full suspension electric mountain bike(EMTB) through the streets of New York City, but is that really the best use for this bike? Our goal is to help consumers determine the best use for each electric bike. For the 2 electric bikes listed below, we believe they are most comfortable to ride in dense urban environments.

HiPeak Bona VS Super 73 S2, which one is better?

The HiPEAK folding electric bike is made of high-quality bicycle components and has sturdy structure as well as eye-catching appearance. The step-through and step-over geometry frames of the electric fat tire models are more suitable for a wide range of riders. If you need a bike that can fit into a small space, such as on the subway or in the office, Bona may be the best electric commuter bike for you.

Super 73 enjoys high popularity in the electric bicycle industry. Its inspiration comes from classic motorcycles of the 1960s, both for road and off-road riding. Its models feature retro designs that are favored by young people who pursue fashion. Their frames are different from most electric bicycles, focusing on convenient urban e-bikes and fashionable beach cruisers.

Although these two electric fat tire bikes may look very similar, they have significant differences in many aspects. In this article, we will delve into what makes them unique and why you may prefer one over the other.

Comparison of price and warranty service

Hipeak Bona: Price $1,299 Warranty 1 years

Super 73 S2: Price $3,295 Warranty 2 years

The price of S2 is nearly $2,000 more than Bona, which is a considerable amount for many young people. Although S2 looks cool and has powerful performance, if you only use it for commuting to work or riding on campus, then HiPeak Bona can meet your travel needs and save you a lot of money. Trust me, you can do a lot of things with $2,000.

Comparison of motor

HiPeak Bona:750W motor | Battery 48V 15Ah | Max Range 60 miles | Pedal assist 7-level.

Super73 S2:750W motor | Battery  48V 20Ah | Max Range 75 miles | Pedal assist Class-1、Class-2 、Class-3 、off-road mode.

The Super 73 S2 and HiPeak Bona electric fat tire bikes both come equipped with 750W hub motors, which provide enough power to take you from home to the office. The motor can be operated through pedal assistance or handlebar throttle, allowing you to ride at different speeds. This makes the bikes more durable and sustainable, and encourages a high-quality riding experience that saves people a lot of commuting time in crowded traffic.

The HiPeak Bona motor allows you to ride at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and cruise easily in assist mode. In addition to motor assistance, Bona also offers 7 levels of pedal assist, allowing riders to pedal more comfortably and efficiently.

The Super 73 S2 electric bike is configured to ride in level 1, level 2, level 3, and off-road modes. The bike comes pre-programmed at level 2, allowing for throttle operation and pedal assist riding, with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and 28 miles per hour in off-road mode.

Comparison of battery

The size of an electric bike battery determines how far a rider can ride on a single charge. The battery capacity also determines the speed and hill-climbing ability of an electric bike. It can improve your riding efficiency and range, allowing you to ride more miles with less effort.

A side-by-side comparison table of HiPeak Bona and Super 73 S2 shows that the Super 73 S2 uses a 48V 20Ah battery pack, while the HiPeak Bona uses a 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery. Electric bikes have several different characteristics that affect how many miles can be traveled on a single charge, depending on battery capacity, average speed, terrain, rider weight, etc., of which battery capacity is the most important. Therefore, in terms of comparing the battery capacity of the two models, the 48V 20Ah battery pack used by the Super 73 S2 is superior to the battery pack used by Bona.

However, when comparing the maximum range, the difference between the two is not significant. If your city commuting time is long, it is recommended that you choose an electric bike with a larger battery capacity, as you can get better range and higher speeds, and enjoy the freedom of riding on a fully charged fat tire electric bike with ease.

Transmission and component

For a high-quality electric bike that can adapt to both urban environments and outdoor riding, performance and practicality are factors that riders should seriously consider. The following information compares the transmission, rear frame, and component configurations of HiPeak Bona and Super 73 S2 electric bikes.

HiPEAK Bona: 20″ x 4″ Puncture resistant fat tires |  Mechanical disc brake | 7-speed gear shift system | Half-twist throttle | Bike weight 62 pounds | Max load 350 pounds | 6061 Aluminum alloy frame | Rear rack | Foldable

Super73 S2: Front 4.5″ and rear 5″  20″ x 4.5/5″ fat tires | Hydraulic disc brake | Single-speed | Thumb throttle | Bike weight 73 pounds | Max load 325pounds | Aluminum alloy frame

Brakes and tires

An electric bicycle with the power and riding range of Bona and S2 requires stable braking force and finely tuned traction to match their speed potential. Although Bona is a mechanical disc brake, it can also tow riders or conquer any terrain. The road-oriented 20-inch wide tires provide excellent grip on sidewalks, while the 4-inch width allows riders to ride on interesting gravel or forest trails.

Comparison of gear shift

The Super 73 S2 is a single-speed bicycle without any additional mechanical gears, which means it heavily relies on the electric motor. This means that if you always use the throttle, it will quickly drain the battery.

On the other hand, HiPeak Bona uses a derailleur with 7-speed gears, and multi-gear bicycles have a much wider range in terms of pedaling. Because you can shift to a lower gear when going uphill and shift to a higher gear when going downhill or on flat roads, you can easily adapt to constantly changing terrain. This reduces reliance on the electric motor and throttle, allowing you to enjoy riding at different speeds.

Throttle setting

HiPeak Bona uses a half-twist throttle, while the Super 73 S2 uses a thumb throttle. The half-twist throttle is a device that is more favorable for riders to start the bike. Among outdoor enthusiasts, the design of the half-twist throttle can better control the bike. Although the choice between the half-twist throttle and the thumb throttle is based on the rider’s habits, when you are riding in the city or commuting, Bona’s half-twist throttle can help you start the electric bike most conveniently, saving you a lot of time.

Load capacity

When riding between towns, it is sometimes necessary to use an electric bicycle to carry heavy loads. Bona has a load capacity of 350 pounds and a sturdy rear rack. The S2 has a load capacity of 325 pounds, and the basic model does not come with a rear rack, requiring an additional payment of $175. Therefore, Bona has a safer and more effective way of carrying heavy loads, making it more practical.

Bike frame

In terms of frame structure, the straight frame of the S2 is not convenient for riders to get on and off. Compared to the Super 73 S2, Bona’s step-over frame is easier to get on and off, making it more powerful for elderly or physically challenged riders who need a more effortless bike frame. For young people who want an easier and faster commuting experience, or parents who want to send their children to school or run errands, Bona’s easy-to-ride frame will be more popular to a certain extent. If you don’t like the step-over frame, HiPeak also has a step-through Elias for you to choose from.


For urban commuting electric bikes, the foldability of the bike is very important because some commuters will not only use electric bikes as their only mode of transportation on their way to work, but also other transportation methods. The convenience of folding allows them to easily bring the electric bike on the subway or bus without obstructing other passengers. In this regard, Bona has an advantage in practicality.


These two electric bicycles have both elevated performance, practicality, and electric bike functions to a higher level, making them excellent alternatives to commuting by car. Although the S2’s design has attracted many young people’s attention, whether you are looking for a great electric commuting equipment or a sweet weekend short trip ride, Bona’s comprehensive performance of the transmission system will bring a more practical riding experience and is a very cost-effective choice for urban commuting bicycles.


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