Atlanta, GA-based emergency dental provider integrates Sunbit into their practice to assist patients with financing essential dental care services.

With two locations in the greater Atlanta area, My Emergency Dental provides comprehensive and emergency dental services to area residents and visitors alike. Many of their patients with acute pain lack insurance to cover dental care. Working with Sunbit, My Emergency Dental is providing another option for patients to get the care they need now and pay for it over time.

Founder and CEO of My Emergency Dental, Dr. Jennifer Burke, has been working as a general dentist in the Atlanta area since 2017. She is well-acquainted with the reputation dental appointments have for being unpleasant and actively seeks to change that sentiment. The no judgment environment in her office helps patients feel comfortable whether they are coming in for a routine cleaning or an emergency tooth extraction.

“A big part of making patients feel comfortable coming to the dentist is reassuring them that finances are not an insurmountable barrier for them,” stated Dr. Burke. “With Sunbit we can connect patients with financing to pay for the dental procedure they need now and the ability to pay it back in a way that works for their budget. It removes that stress so they can focus on taking care of their teeth.”

With Sunbit, patients can apply for financing amounts from $50 to $20,000, and over 80% of applicants get approval. Interest rates and payment plans vary and depend on the patient’s credit and qualifications. My Emergency Dental joins the ranks of over 6600 dental providers nationwide that offer Sunbit financing.

“This past year, we have had many patients take advantage of Sunbit through our office,” remarked Burke. “And with their help 251 patients were able to receive money to pay for their dental care services the same day. We look forward to helping our patients continue to reap the benefits of this financial option.”

Dr. Jennifer Burke is a member of the Hinman Dental Association and the American Dental Association. For more information about financing through Sunbit or to schedule an appointment at My Emergency Dental, call 470-523-8118 or visit

About My Emergency Dental

My Emergency Dental offers general and cosmetic dental services. They pride their own state-of-the-art equipment and dental urgent care experts who are always on hand to answer the questions of their patients — 7 days a week from 8 AM until midnight.