Government will exercise due diligence in processing fare increase applications from franchised bus operators


     Regarding the fare increase applications from the five franchised bus operators for their bus franchises, a Government spokesman said today (March 15) that the Government is processing the relevant applications, and will exercise due diligence in considering and reviewing the applications in accordance with the established mechanism, with a view to minimising the impact on people’s livelihoods while maintaining the financial sustainability of the bus operators.

     The spokesman said, “The five franchised bus operators submitted fare increase applications for the six bus franchises under them to the Government between January and September last year. As bus services are closely related to people’s livelihoods, the Government will handle the fare increase applications in a prudent manner as we have always been, taking into account the bus operators’ financial situation and prospects, public acceptability and affordability, as well as the quality and quantity of bus services provided, etc. The Government will play its gatekeeper role and will recommend lowering the rate of increase or even reject the application, if the proposed rate of increase of an individual application is considered to be excessive after our assessment.”