Haven of Hope Hospital announced incident of renovation work


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesperson for Haven of Hope Hospital made the following announcement on an incident of renovation work today (March 11):

     The oxygen gas pipe in the Main Block of Haven of Hope Hospital was accidentally damaged by a worker during renovation work on the ground floor today. This damage affected the oxygen flow in the wards. The incident happened at around 11am this morning and the hospital responded by arranging for emergency repairs and mobilising backup oxygen cylinders to ensure that patients’ oxygen supply was not affected.

     As a precautionary measure, the hospital relocated four patients who required high-concentration oxygen to other wards. The incident did not affect the condition of any of the patients.

     After the emergency repairs, the hospital confirmed that the oxygen supply to patients had returned to normal.

     The hospital immediately suspended the concerned renovation works and required the contractor to submit an investigation report on the incident.

     The hospital takes this incident very seriously and has reported it to the Hospital Authority Head Office through the Advance Incident Reporting System.