It is essential for miners and explorers to reassure investors and stakeholders that their estimates of mineral resources and ore reserves can be relied upon

ProAsianGold (ISIN: CN3475392059), a leading, growth-focused gold mining company that is consistently generating superior returns, dedicated to delivering on its values and promises, and always focused on improving its environmental, social and governance performance, revealed today its industry outlook focused on mining investors and stakeholders’ demands in terms of resources and operational assurance.

Mining is a challenging industry by nature, from the operating, market, and safety risks associated with a developed mine to the technical, environmental, social, and economic uncertainties involved in moving an exploration finding from a viable project.

Since it is difficult to eliminate the risk and uncertainty associated with mining projects, the industry should enhance the way businesses communicate the positive and downside risks in relation to the stage of development and maturity of various projects. Internal and external stakeholders, notably investors, will be better informed about the anticipated risk in a project if technical confidence is viewed from a more transparent, consistent, and balanced perspective.

Resources, reserves, and the results of technical studies must be reported clearly in order to transparently present the degree of technical uncertainty (or confidence) in a project and to convey a fair understanding of the prospects it offers. Various stakeholders who might rely on this information must be taken into account when reporting, and the data must be presented in the context of the shifting risk profile linked to different project development routes and project maturity.

“The minerals and mining sector receives a relatively small percentage of global financial investment; therefore, it is important for the sector to maintain and enhance investors’ perceptions of its risk”, said Albert Shuirong, Senior Vice President for International Operations, ProAsianGold.

About ProAsianGold is a leading, growth-focused gold mining company that has a reputation for consistency and reliability. The company’s operations deliver superior operational execution by managing safety risks to reach zero harm, continually improving operational performance and meeting commitments without fail. ProAsianGold is sustaining a global portfolio of long-life assets by

About ProAsianGold

ProAsianGold is a leading, growth-focused gold mining company that has a reputation for consistency and reliability.