Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2022 announced the awarded enterprises, with eight enterprises being awarded for nine accolades. The award has witnessed the steady and long-term development of the enterprise, that also receives strong support from the business community and the media.

The 14th Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards: “Forging Ahead with Honour in Converging Opportunities”

Being a leading financial website in Hong Kong, Quamnet not only focuses on the financial field since established, but also the accomplishments of Hong Kong business community which attracts public attention. The Awards, instituted in 2009, is organized by Quamnet and aims to identify and recognize the excellent performance of Hong Kong enterprises.

The judging panel of QOEA is formed by the Quamnet editorial team, Quamnet research team, and independent financial analysts. Each nominated enterprise is required to submit their company profile and the self-evaluation report for assessment and selection. The committee will then use eight categories to select the most representative enterprises. The eight categories include excellent products and services, brand reputation, philosophy of operation, marketing strategies, sustainable development strategies, accomplishments, corporate social responsibility and unique business philosophy or development.

The 14th Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards is themed by “Forging Ahead with Honour in Converging Opportunities”, not only does it recognize enterprises’ continuation in advancing with their long-standing strength and goodwill in times of challenges and difficult business environment, it also encourages enterprises to seize opportunities in post pandemic period to achieve long-term and stable development.

Awarded companies come from diversified industries in Hong Kong, including financial services, MPF services, ICT solution provider, logistics, transportation infrastructure, financial printing and trust services etc.

A total of 8 companies are being awarded this year with its outstanding achievement, including China Life Trustees Limited, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, Formex Financial Press Limited, Goldwater International Limited, Kerry Logistics, Realord Asia Pacific Securities Limited, Realord Group Holdings Limited, and Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited.

Widely Supported by Honourable Guests, Business Community and Media

The accolades are announced on the Awards official website and trophies are to be distributed in a later date. Mr. Andy Chan, Managing Director of China Tonghai Financial Media Limited, said “in 2022 Hong Kong was still being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and external environmental factors, making the road to normalcy full of uncertainties, meanwhile it creates and converges more opportunities for the post-epidemic era, enterprises are therefore reinvigorating to prepare for the dawn. As Hong Kong gradually unblocks the epidemic in early 2023 and reconnects with the world, I believe it will bring more good news to the business community. This year’s award then recognizes the enterprises that have been actively preparing for the new chapter of normalization in the past year, that set a positive example for the business community and embark the new journey with industry peers.”

Supported by elites and medias
In addition to a strong lineup of guests, the Awards attracted numerous media both in Hong Kong and China. Media partners include The Standard and Caiguu.com etc.

Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2022 (Alphabetical Listing by Company Name)
Categories / Awarded Company
1. Best Pension Service Provider 2022 / China Life Trustees Limited
2. Outstanding MPF Scheme 2022 / China Life Trustees Limited
3. Outstanding ICT Solution Provider 2022 / CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
4. Outstanding Financial Printing Services Enterprise 2022 / Formex Financial Press Limited
5. Outstanding Trust Service 2022 / Goldwater International Limited
6. Outstanding Green Logistics Service Provider 2022 / Kerry Logistics
7. Outstanding Securities Service Development 2022 / Realord Asia Pacific Securities Limited
8. Outstanding Diversified Integrated Enterprise 2022 / Realord Group Holdings Limited
9. Outstanding Investment and Development of Infrastructure 2022 / Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited

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