Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) will provide onsite demonstrations of their Remote Controlled Microscope (RCM) technology on a ROSE cart with NEW wireless capabilities and their stationary system equipped with a 4K camera.

MELVILLE, N.Y.March 3, 2023PRLogRemote Medical Technologies (RMT) will offer private demonstrations of their newly enhanced rmtConnect™ Remote Robotic Control Telemicroscopy Solution, with wireless mobile cart capabilities, at this year’s United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology’s (USCAP) 112th Annual Scientific Meeting being held in New Orleans from March 11th to the 16th.  rmtConnect™ Remote Robotic Control allows users to participate in a live, highly secure HD telepathology session where Olympus BX family scope video images stream directly to remote pathologists in real-time. USCAP attendees are encouraged to bring their mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, or Android) for a first-hand experience and see the technology in action! This demonstration is a rare opportunity to meet the industry leaders in highly secure, real-time telepathology and witness how RMT differentiates itself from other remote robotic-controlled microscopes.

RMT fully understands that time matters most when clinicians are making decisions.  That’s why they have reduced the time for the pathologists by making decisions in 3 easy steps utilizing rmtOneClick™ technology. The customizable and expandable system has best-in-class in-session rmtInvite communication capability, allowing session moderators to invite multiple guests directly into a session via phone call, text, and email. RMT recognizes clinicians’ urgency when dealing with patient care. Therefore, RMT worked diligently with their installed base and carefully listened to each medical facility on prioritizing top requirements. The results were spectacular imaging, ease of use, improved workflow, and improved and immediate patient care being of the utmost importance. RMT’s founder and CEO, Don Marchon, explains, “RMT purposely designed the system’s features to benefit the clinician. We also design these features with the utmost consideration of personal experiences assisting in treating loved family members involved with these medical procedures.”  The solution makes consultations with on-call specialists and residents faster and easier.  Save time, improve system availability and uptime with rmtHealthCheck™, and increase revenue by reducing travel and wait time to perform more remote adequacies and extend patient care.

rmtConnect™ Remote Robotic Control Solutions implement an open and immediate slide access microscope technology that is proven to be faster than slide-holder insert based systems.  Remote clinicians receive real-time live-dynamic image quality from RMT’s premier 1-chip or 3-chip CMOS camera while easily using fine and coarse focus functionality for immediate decision-making.  Users can also instantly move around the slide with a mouse and from a keyboard for quick assessments (from a PC, MAC, or mobile device).  RMT has distinctly built the entire system, network architecture, and security within the product.  As a result, users receive live imaging directly from the high-powered instrument with NO facilitation from other 3rd party applications.

Along with exhibiting remote robotic control microscopy, RMT will demonstrate a state-of-the-art medical grade 4K solution with a non-robotic scope.  RMT solutions on non-robotic microscopes provide the same highly secure HD image quality and astonishing performance speed.  When paired with a 4K camera, this provides users with incredibly gorgeous imaging that is known to augment any multi-headed microscope or conference room. Anatomic pathology departments can easily upgrade their equipment and profit from maximizing their field of view on local scope images with the necessary depth and quality.  Medical facilities never have to compromise their educational practices by implementing RMT technology, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and implementing new post-pandemic workflows.  RMT’s 4K camera, in which the imaging is local to the microscope, delivers four times as much detail as full HD, providing high-quality imaging. By equipping the RMT Ikegami Camera Control Unit (CCU) with 4K (3840×2160) digital processing, RMT’s newest camera produces superb local resolution with four times the sample rate of conventional HD (1920×1080)1.  For cytopathology, see all z-plane levels of a cell with outstanding quality to make the most accurate conclusions.  Producing spectacular images, especially when viewed on a supporting local TV monitor, allows clinicians to make better and more timely decisions.

Consult with RMT in New Orleans at Booth # 163 and receive a hands-on demonstration of how RMT paired with a mobile cart for ROSE can significantly improve daily operations at your medical facility. You can also contact RMT at 855-867-3034, visit us at or to receive an online demo or schedule an appointment to implement a Pilot Program at your facility.

NOTE: 1*Multi-headed scope room monitors must support 4:2:2 10-bit or 4:4:4 8-bit video formats for RMT Ikegami 4K camera operations.