Women living in America with families living in countries such as Iran and Ukraine benefit from no-cost health and wellness coaching

Ginger-U has announced the launch of its Woman-Life-Freedom Initiative, a program that accepts contributions to provide free health and wellness coaching to women living in America who are impacted by the secondhand stress from repression and violence in their countries of origin.

Ginger-U is a health platform for women. It provides a free health tracking app, health and wellness coaching from board certified experts, high quality supplements, and curated health and wellness tips. The company was founded by Iranian-American professor and serial entrepreneur Mehran Mehregany, Ph.D., who was raised in a family of women. He frequently heard their health conversations and concerns, and in his career, had an opportunity to offer something to women that was inspired by his loved ones. Dr. Mehregany first created the Ginger-U Pill Tracker App, which helped women control their pregnancy risk. Now, the platform continues to grow with more and more vital women’s services and products.

Dr. Mehregany is also keenly aware of the physical and mental health concerns faced by women with loved ones in countries that are experiencing repression and violence. For instance, women living in America who have family in Iran and Ukraine are at a specific risk for stress, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.

Yasi Zamani-Hank, a Michigan State University student completing postdoctoral research in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, is the daughter of an Iranian immigrant. In a recent article by MSU Today, Zamani-Hank said, “Like many other Iranians and Iranian Americans living here in the U.S., I’ve been cut off from regular communication with my family members in Iran, including my elderly grandparents, due to the ongoing internet outages. It’s been very difficult. My eyes fill with tears as I watch the news every day and see Iranian women, men, children, schoolgirls and university students of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and bravely risking their lives to fight against more than 40 years of gender apartheid and oppression. In brave acts of defiance, Iranian women are burning their veils and cutting their hair.”

In a recent featured article by CNN, Ukrainian-American Mariya Soroka describes her last trip to her home country and the longing she feels to return. Now, she worries about her family there as the war rages on.

These stories echo women across the U.S. who are struggling with similar situations, fearful for the lives of loved ones back home. These women are at specific risk for secondhand stress, as well as physical health ailments stemming from these concerns. Health coaching is an affordable, non-medical approach for improving and maintaining health and wellness, and the Woman-Life-Freedom initiative is helping these women – who otherwise cannot afford such services – get health coaching at no cost to them.

The Woman-Life-Freedom Initiative allows sponsors to donate coaching services either to a woman they personally know or to someone else who has applied for the program at a 5% discounted rate. 100% of the contributions go toward the program to benefit the patrons. Sponsorships can be made online by visiting https://www.ginger-u.com/Woman-Life-Freedom

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