His Glory April 1 Tent Revival

His Glory April 1 Tent Revival

MILL VALLEY, Calif.March 1, 2023PRLog — Revival is here – and it is all about Revival! In the spirit of the recent resurgence of interest in knowing God, as we are seeing at places like Asbury University and around the globe, Pastor Dave Scarlett and His Glory present the first His Glory Music Revival Event of 2023 with a commitment to host additional Revivals in all fifty states by the end of 2024.

Pastor Dave Scarlett shares, “Our reason for building the His Glory Music Revival Tour is to help bring more people and especially today’s youth to God’s Kingdom. God has asked us to build these events to preach the Gospel from East to West and North to South at a time that His message is more important than ever.”

His Glory’s ambitious goal is to host a Tent Revival and usher in the Holy Spirit in every state over the next two years and provide an important opportunity to spark the interest of those seeking a deeper connection with Christ. These Revivals include Spirit-filled worship from His Glory Music and other inspiring musicians, sermons and prayer led by Pastor Dave and special guest speakers all uniting under the banner of Jesus Christ.

The His Glory Music Revival Tour will focus on equipping the American people with the Truth about Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel and uniting our brothers and sisters from all walks of life in Christ and family as One Nation under God. Our future depends on it.
Pastor Dave has shared his biblical prophecy reference that we are now in ‘The Day of the Lord’ and says, “While we are in a time of great darkness, we are also in this moment looking at the imminent return of the Messiah. The Revival Tour provides us the forum and platform to help bring people to Christ.”

The first His Glory Music Revival Tour will take place April 1st, 2023 in Mount Pleasant, Texas. For more information on registering and donating to the event and to learn of upcoming His Glory Revival Tours, visit the His Glory Revival Event website page at https://hisglory.me/events/his-glory-music-revival-tour/. Everyone is welcome to register either with or without a donation to the tour. Donations are tax deductible and help His Glory achieve their goal of providing the His Glory Music Revival Tour in every state through 2023 and 2024. Our goal is not possible without donations and support from our extended His Glory family, sponsors, and donors. God bless you for your continued support.

Pastor Dave Scarlett has built a life of service as the pastor of His Glory from a less than traditional path. As a former US Marine and telecommunications executive, Pastor Scarlett’s life was permanently changed, and his path altered when he had a near death experience that took him to heaven where his life work was permanently altered to live a life of service through Christ. Pastor Dave founded and has since bravely led HisGlory.me ministry along with HisGlory.TV. As part of the core Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour, Pastor Dave has facilitated over 5000 baptisms since the tour’s start. Pastor Dave has also built a strong relationship with America’s General, Michael Flynn, and has pioneered relationships with global leaders who continue to bridge the gap between Jewish and Christian biblical prophecy.

Born to give people a future of hope, https://HisGlory.me and https://hisglory.tv reach over 25 million people worldwide. From East to West and North to South, His Glory is spreading the word of God to the nation and restoring freedom to We The People.

To arrange an interview with Pastor Dave upon his return from Israel, please contact Johanna Maaghul at Johanna@nextwaveresources.com