Professional expert legal services at affordable fixed prices are now possible without having to compromise.

Too often, one finds themselves in a situation where they need legal advice or documents, and the first thought that springs to mind is just how much it is going to cost. Whether it’s a legally binding document or a contract, or there’s a need for simple legal advice, the costs expected range in the several hundred-pound figures.

That doesn’t need to happen any longer, especially regarding legal documents. First, it’s important to take the time to have contracts and documents written by legal professionals because it will help keep all parties involved protected and, at the same time, help avoid conflicts. Yet, continuously needing to draft a business agreement, employment contract, or even a standard NDA can be frustrating. Even where document templates are used trying to find the right type of template is another extra work that can be avoided by having the right professional provide these documents in the first place.

That’s where The Legal Stop comes into play. The Legal Stop helps people and businesses access affordable professional legal services. It provides commonly used document templates and contracts for a small one-time fee to be used as many times as necessary. In addition, The Legal Stop also offers the option to request a document template not currently displayed on their website by simply filling in an online form.

The Legal Stop doesn’t end its services simply by providing critical legal document templates for an extremely affordable price. They have also dedicated a separate website to focus on providing affordable fixed fee legal services for those that need them. Instead of worrying about legal fees that are billed by the hour, The Legal Stop focuses on providing transparent and fixed pricing on a per-service basis. That means the client will be able to receive exactly what they need, at one price, without worrying if asking another question will end up costing more.

The affordable Legal Services provided by The Legal Stop include the Fixed Fee Bespoke Document Drafting Service, where for an affordable fixed fee an expert lawyer will be drafting documents, contracts and policies based on the specific requirements of clients and provide legal advice with no hidden extra charges.  Other affordable legal services provided beyond bespoke documents include Fixed Fee Contract Review Service, where legal experts will check the soundness of a contract before the client needs to execute it.

If you need more, The Legal Stop has a complete outsourced legal department for any type of business, again with the pricing to be agreed upon beforehand.

For clients needing a quick answer to their legal conundrums The Legal Stop offers a free online Q&A Service.

Finally, The Legal Stop routinely comes us with Special Offers so just keep an eye on their website for their Special Offer Legal Packages.

What is the mission behind The Legal Stop? Legal Services Affordable for All!

Their whole focus is that anyone and everyone deserves the chance for proper qualified legal advice and documentation. This helps to keep individuals and companies protected and leads to fewer issues, misunderstandings, or problems that may have cropped up due to a lack of proper documentation or a lack of communication with a legal expert that can explain and offer the right course of legal action every time.

So, feel free to check out either site and see just how many services and documents they each are able to offer.

About The Legal Stop

The Legal Stop is a straightforward online business using information technology for the public good. We aim to make the law and the provision of legal services accessible, transparent and affordable to people and businesses alike.