Located in the heart of Oklahoma, City Center is dedicated to improving the lives of struggling OKC residents with their various donation programs that can help feed, dress and educate the youth and families in the area.

City Center is an organization dedicated to improving the local community’s future through educational support and mentorship programs for youth. By providing these valuable resources, City Center is helping to foster a more compassionate and supportive environment that will benefit residents of all ages.

City Center was founded in 2016 by two OKC locals – Jed and Julie Chappel. The Chappels are people who, from personal experience, understand the struggles of a hard upbringing. Going through these life challenges has motivated them to push through and succeed in life.  Jed tells the story of selling drugs during his teenage years while Julie fought to sustain her family as a single mother. They believe that if they managed to overcome these circumstances, they could help others do so as well.

OK City Center’s main mission is to provide a safe space, free of judgment and full of love for young people and families struggling in OKC. City Center offers educational support, mentorship opportunities, and various youth programs to nurture individuals’ talents and potential. Through donations, the organization states they can contribute to the community with meals, hygiene items, and other basic resources.

However, their biggest pride is their youth support and long-term commitment to creating neighborhood impact. City Center’s goal is to build a strong community by encouraging residents to work together, take responsibility for their neighborhood, and help the people in it. They believe that with care, support, and compassion, the future of OKC will be bright and full of hope without shying away from its past.

Regarding numbers, the Center provides statistics on their website to show how the donations they receive have been invested. According to their records, they have served 201,459 nutritious meals, distributed 629,313 clothing items, provided help to 16,634 families, and mentored 2,071 young people so far. The final goal is to continue on this path to further improve the lives of struggling children and their families in OKC.

Whether you are a resident of OKC or simply want to help improve the lives of those in the community with love and understanding, City Center is always open to receiving donations. They define themselves as a Trusted Youth and Family Help Center in Oklahoma City and are proud to have helped many people in need. With your support, they can continue building a brighter future for the city and its residents.

About OKCity Center

Founded in 2016 by Jed and Julie Chappell, City Center is leading change through compassionate action in the heart of OKC.