The Latimer Project

For the first half of the video, Dean walks Bobby, and his viewers, through one of his favorite projects, featured last year in California Homes. As they tour the home, Dean shares behind-the-scenes details and fascinating insights about the design process and the big and small details that make the home a dream come true for the homeowners: like kitchen storage drawers that are deeper than they seem because he borrowed some space inside the wall. Dean also shares his philosophy that Every client deserves a custom home. And a home that fits only that site and at that precise moment.

Insights on Contemporary Architect Dean Larkin

In addition to sharing details about the Latimer home and the personal tour, Dean discloses details about his path to becoming the contemporary architect he is today. He reveals that he always knew he wanted to be an architect, and often likes to say that he popped out of the womb as an architect.

Those who are familiar with Dean Larkins projects know that light and water are integral parts of his designs. In the interview he shares why water is so important noting that he has fond memories of water in his childhood and that they always had a waterfall, so water was very, very important, and the sound of water is very important to me. Water in architecture always takes a center stage because you just cant shake those roots.

To hear about these parts of the story and more, you can visit to watch the interview in its entirety.

About Dean Larkin Design California Architecture Firm

Dean Larkin Design was established in Los Angeles in 1999 and this modern architecture firm maximizes the intrinsic potential of a location, including its available natural light sources. Dean Larkin is very familiar with both historical and contemporary design in the entire Los Angeles area, and the firm endeavors to achieve a complexity that is multi-layered with an effortless elegance. For more information about the firm or a design that is modern and innovative, unlocks your locations innate potential by making specific use of light, views and more, and uniquely designed for the way you live, visit the website at