Track Title: Come To Me Genre: Pop / Rock Launch Date: 19th January 2023 ISRC Code: UKXN22236701

Come To Me from Canadian Pop artist Day of Atonement

Learn more at » Artist Location: Vancouver, Canada

This is 100% Canadian Content Day of Atonement’s song Come To Me is written and sung by Michael Meszaros of Vancouver, Canada. He is a pop/rock artist who is a Singer / Songwriter and plays the oboe.

Day Of Atonement will be performing on September 26th, 2023 online at It will be an amazing experience that will bless your WHOLE YEAR!

Why is September 26 so important?

The reason September 26, 2023, is so important is because it is the 10th Day of the Biblical 7th Month.  This is the real Day of Atonement.   It starts on Monday, September 25 at 8:45 pm and goes to Tuesday, September 26, at 8:43 pm for the Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA area (Psalm 104:19).

This is a worldwide event!   For other places around the world, it begins on Monday evening September 25 when the last residue from the sun has left the sky (pitch black) and goes for 24 hours.

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