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One Mans Dream is an edifying story of a great fictional adventure piece that will surely capture the readers attention. The story follows Steve and John Lang, these two had met purposely and turned ones dream into a reality.

A host of interesting stories about a long life in the mountains and a unique proposition by John finally brought Steve to a hidden valley in the Rocky Mountains, where he quickly fell into a contented life of solitude.

Life in the remote mountains wasnt easy, and Steve soon found predators to be a daily source of concern. But Steve and his trusty dog, Mouse, soon became part of the land, living a comfortable life and preparing for a long, harsh winter.

However, a small plane crash soon jolted Steve out of his quiet life and into a world where love was realized and where human predators were a far bigger threat than any animal he would encounter.

Steves devotion to a young woman and her children and an urgent need to protect not only their lives, but his life as well, soon led Steve to hatch a plan that would require using everything he had learned about the landalong with the unexpected help of a young pup.

This interesting worth-reading book that you couldnt put down is best to share with everyone.

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One Mans Dream
Written by: Steve Blum
Published by: Proisle Publishing Service
Published date: December 30, 2022
Paperback Price: $11.99

About the Author
Steve Blum resides in Kingston, Ohio. One Mans Dream is his first novel.