Released by Solaris Sound and Vision, the 12 tracks on the new album cover a wide range of topics, switching moods and thus genres throughout the evolution of tracks on the album. Exemplary stand-out tracks besides the title track The Heart of the King, (over 30K streams on Spotify), are If I Could Just Fall In Love 2022 and The Search.

Moses music is really unlike any other artist of our time. However, he has often been compared to a cross between storytellers Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and David Gray. Moses poetry through song is deep and rich, his thoughts and strong opinions drive the tone and rhythm of the song. His unique guitar and smooth piano style enhance his message.

Moses voice is like a good single malt scotch whisky rich and smooth – and against the backdrop of the lilting guitar. – Tanushree Mukherjee

“Ever the chameleon, on the acting front, the Rick Moses of yesterday appeared in many feature length films as well as a plethora of television series; most notably as Hutch the heartthrob hit-man on soap opera General Hospital, from 1979 to 1980 on ABC. Thats quite a rsum for a man that can musically strip away multiple layers of phony human varnish and reveal the truth suspended below the surface.”

“The Rick Moses of today is a storyteller for the underdog, a chronicler of real life. He notes time and time again that life is full of pain – so get ready. And have faith. – R J Lannan of The Sounding Board

The Heart of the King was sublimely produced by Robert Mills at the Tonehenge Studio, Los Angeles in 2022.

Rick Moses’ discography includes: “Face the Music”, “The Rock Collection”, “Evil and Dangerous Men”, “The Reality Express’, “Cycles of Life”. In November 2022, Rick released his most recent album “The Heart of the King.

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