Fisibility which stands for “Financial Visibility” is a multi-patent pending system setting new standards and delivering better methods for Investors (debt, equity, mezzanine), Privately held Businesses, and Individuals in the areas of:

-Organization of Business & Personal Finances
-Investment Transparency
-Financial Performance Monitoring
-Revenue & Profitability Growth
-Elimination of Cash Leakage
-Money Management

“On-Demand & Accurate Transparency” between Investors and the Individuals and privately held Businesses they are investing in (or have previously invested in) is at the epicenter of eliminating investment fraud among privately held businesses, individuals, and their investors – for good.

Why should Everyone use Fisibility Free Global Investment Registry System?

To eliminate preventable litigation.

Primary root causes of litigation between Investors and the Businesses or Individuals they have invested in can be:

-Due to inaccurate & in-comprehensive initial due diligence prior to investments being made.
-Lack of on-going, accurate transparency to financial performance and all capital received by the Business or Individual.

When it comes to investing into privately held Businesses and Individuals, this lack of On-Demand & Accurate Transparency = Risk, and no one wants to put their capital at-risk or their business at-risk.

Additional Areas that Lack “On-Demand & Accurate Transparency” are:

-Visibility of whether or not the Business or Individual is in good standing with their existing investor(s) and if their financial performance is in compliance with the terms of the investment itself.
-Visibility into the bank statements of the Business or Individual

The Solution: Fisibility Global Investment Registry System.

Fisibility Global Investment Registry delivers neutral and easy-to-access transparency between the Investor and Business or Individual receiving the investment. The investment is registered by the Investor and then confirmed by the Recipient of the investment. This digital handshake becomes part of a digital ledger that is then visible to everyone.

Sound rudimentary? Not exactly…

-Simply ask your bank and private investors if they publish 100% of all loans issued and investments made into privately held business or individuals within all available credit bureaus and also as a UCC filing… the responses received to these questions could be quite alarming.
-Also ask the non-institutional private investors and high net worth investors if they research all credit bureaus and UCC filings prior to all investments being made and you might find their answer to be “no” and the reason for this being due to “lack of access” to this information.

This bi-directional lack of transparency is not only irresponsible, it is a recipe for risk and potential litigation downstream. Fisibility has identified “Risk Intersections” between investors and investments into privately held Businesses & Individuals and has created better methods & recipes for success – for everyone.

For More Peace, More Productivity, & More Money

Use Fisibility Global Investment Registry for Free:
Enter Access Code: Success
Click on: Investment Registry

Use the Fisibility Lite iOS & Android App for Business Use & Personal Use and Download It on AppStore & Playstore search “Fisibility Lite”

Coming Soon From Fisibility:
Fisibility has identified the need for better methods pertaining to on-going Financial Performance Monitoring. The macro-level problems Fisibility has identified with this topic stem from “Data Audits & Data Analytics.”

General Accounting Principles suggest: Data Samplings for Data Audits are “Acceptable.” This is not new news to anyone, as data audits on sub-sets of data vs. complete sets of data has been an acceptable common audit practice for decades.

Fisibility says: This is extremely “Susceptible.”