The curse was borne from the forbidden love between legendary Samurai Warrior (Shin’Ichi) and the beautiful Princess (Rina), he was sworn to protect.

Their doomed love sets forth an adventure for young Connor to learn how and why he is connected with this Katana and what he must do to keep it from the hands of the evil Warlord Ryuu and the mysterious half-being Shadow Warrior Takehiko from conquering the world.

Book Information:
Curse of the Katana
Origins, Curse Borne Out of Love, Book 1
By Phuoc Vu
Publisher: Mystical Martial Arts Comics, LLC
ISBN: 9781737944706
Pages: 132
Genre(s): Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy

About the Author:
Phuoc Vu is the founder of Mystical Martial Arts Comics. He graduated from UCLA earning his BS in Biology in 1997. He earned his MBA in Entertainment Management at California Intercontinental University in 2015.

The mission of Mystical Martial Arts Comics is to be the preeminent ethnic studio publishing culturally driven stories with potential for mainstream appeal. Releasing independent action stories through the medium of print, film, and digital media. Every project will strive to have a digital series or film made out of it. From Print to Film is the purpose of all projects produced. His first graphic novel for Mystical Martial Arts Comics is the action fantasy, Curse of the Katana (Book 1). The book was released in February 2022.

Phuoc has received a number of awards for two short films that he wrote and produced. One Night in Hong Kong Bistro was awarded Best Short Film by Hollywood Film Competition (2019) and was accepted into a number of festivals. His second short film, Siblings Fate was awarded Best Suspense Thriller at the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas (2021).


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