Have you ever given gravitys impact on life any thought? How it affects how things function.

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The universe expands and falls at millions of miles per hour. It never slows, as there is nothing to slow it down.

Dean E. Walkers The DNA of Gravity helps us comprehend gravitys intricacies and everything related to it on a deeper level. More exists than what we have learned in school, according to his book. The universe is composed of all that exists. It is surrounded by a void of nothingness, allowing it to expand endlessly with no resistance. The book will give us more knowledge that will help us understand the role Gravity plays and everything that is related to it.

In contrast to the force of attraction that was emphasized in school lessons about gravity, this book explains a more intricate scientific theory to help readers understand gravity in greater detail. Allow this book to introduce you to a wider range of perspectives on gravity and to more information that will broaden your understanding of it.

Dean E. Walker is a Professional Engineer. He graduated from Norwich University in Northfield Vermont in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. While studying at the university he was shown how to compute the effects of gravitys force. But, he was also told that no one knew what causes gravitys force. That thought never left him and he grappled with the solution of the cause of gravity since then. He could not leave it alone until he had read and studied everything about it and thought it out and solved the mysteries of gravitys cause.