“I am thrilled to introduce Nytelife to the world,” said Maleke. “As a young entrepreneur, I am passionate about creating products that make people’s lives easier. I believe that Nytelife will revolutionize the way people plan their evenings and weekends, and I am excited to see the impact it will have on communities across the globe.”

Nytelife is available for free on the web, making it accessible to users of all devices.

For more information about Nytelife, please visit the website at www.nytelife.co.za or contact Hlompho Maleke at info ( @ ) nytelife dot co dot za dot

About Hlompho Maleke
Hlompho Maleke is a 19-year-old tech entrepreneur and the co-founder of Nytelife. He has a passion for innovation and is dedicated to creating products that make people’s lives easier. Despite his young age, Maleke is already making a name for himself in the tech industry with the launch of Nytelife.

visit: www.nytelife.co.za