The Casino Esport Conference is pleased to announce their upcoming Casino Esport Conference Las Vegas, NV 2023 and the new Casino Esport Conference University (CEC–U).

In Las Vegas, NV, February 28 – March 1, 2023
CEC-U will be held on the 27th of February 2023
The CEC and CEC-U will be held at Alexis Park Resort 375 E Harmon Ave., Las Vegas, NV.

The CEC, which has been held for the past 7 years in Las Vegas, is now including an extra classroom/workshop event called CEC-U. The main CEC is packed with speakers and panels that will at its core cover Esports, video gaming, and more. This event is also a great opportunity for companies looking to get into this lucrative space. The CEC covers many topics related to entertainment that they call Techtainment.

You do not need to be in the Casino industry to attend, their event will also be open to many non-wagering operators, municipalities, and anyone in entertainment.

Featured speakers include:
Jan Jones Blackhurst – Executive Director, UNLV Black Fire Leadership Initiative Caesars Entertainment Board of Directors Chief Executive in Residence, UNLV International Gaming Institute.

Jan Jones Blackhurst is a long-time political and business leader who spent most of the 1990s as the first woman mayor of Las Vegas and as one of the most popular mayors in Vegas’ history.

Michael Kilpatrick Morton – Senior Policy Counsel Administration Division Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Seth Schorr – Chairman, Downtown Grand and CEO, Fifth Street Gaming.
Lukas Eggen – An award-winning journalist and podcaster in Las Vegas. He co-founded LAN Parties: A Gaming and Esports Podcast at the Las Vegas Review-Journal with Ryan Smith in 2020. Lukas conducts interviews with a variety of people in the gaming and esports industries while helping the local esports scene in Las Vegas grow and thrive.

Oliver Lovat – His expertise is in customer-facing real estate and the evolution of Las Vegas, serving as faculty at City, University of London Business School in London, as regular contributor at the UNLV and previously as faculty at The University College of Estate Management, lecturing on strategic asset management.

Some of the major topics include:
· Gambling and Wagering
· Collegiate Esports
· Professional Esports
· Esports and video gaming eco-systems and cultural aspects
· Esports Marketing
· Tourism Impact
· Hardware
· Hosting Esport Tournaments
· Esports and igaming
· Esports Legal and Regulation
· Investment
· Casino of the Future
· Immersive experiences
· Innovation UNLV (Black Fire) and Stockton U

History of the CEC
The CEC was started 7 years ago by the Fox brothers, Ari and Ben Fox, to teach and integrate the gambling and esports industries to pave the future for the brick-and-mortar and online casino market. Today the CEC has expanded its education conferences to include Web 3, NFTs, the Metaverse, Immersive experiences, and VR.AR and MR among other topics. These subjects are presented by people within these fields to the casino industry to educate and share ideas with those outside the casino industry. This helps enlighten the gambling industry about the possibilities of what the CEC calls Techtainment. These expansive discussions are taught at the annual Las Vegas CEC which will be held from February 27 to March 1, 2023, at Alexis Park in Las Vegas. The CEC/EIC is a newer summit that will mainly focus on esports.

Dates and more:

The Fox Brothers are also the founders of Gameacon, a consumer-focused convention that started in Atlantic City back in 2015. The Fox brothers are returning with Gameacon this year at the Showboat Hotel.

CEC/EIC/Stockton University in Atlantic City, NJ (the state of NJ, and Stockton University, Esport Innovation center) to be held on October 18 & 19, 2023.

CEC/CEC-U – In Las Vegas, NV, February 27 – March 1, 2023.

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Casino Esport Conference University (CEC–U)
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