Charles S. Yanofsky profoundly shifts readers interests in his influential book about brain science and the materialism of the mind.

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This is a perfect text for any healthcare philosopher/theologian. A delicate combination of evidence-based medical teaching and philosophy sparks many intriguing questions throughout the book. This book works well as journal club pick or conceptual-thinker book club. Amazon Review

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Beyond Biology: Metaphysical Brain Science is full of faith-related topics, thought-provoking questions, beliefs, and case studies of the author and his perspective on the brain beyond traditional neurology. The author believes that the brain, a mediator for all behavior, is the springboard of all human capacity and can take individuals beyond their physical and biological limitations.

The book is organized into five sections wherein the author discusses about consciousness, unconsciousness, and split consciousness; vision as a model of sensory or afferent function; memory as associative function; iconoclasm; and how one can step beyond their biological endowments.

Yanofsky provides comprehensive and strong shreds of evidence that support his every statement. His straightforward claims about the limitations of science and traditional neurology spark the readers curiosity to dig deeper into his book.

The author dwells on the essence of individuality and self-concept. A well-balanced combination of evidence-based teaching and philosophy is something that makes this book an excellent read. Readers will indeed find this book intriguing, especially healthcare philosophers and theologians.

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Beyond Biology: Metaphysical Brain Science
Author | Charles S. Yanofsky
Published Date | June 21, 2010
Publisher | Outskirts Press
Genre | Neuroscience, Philosophy

Author Bio

Charles S. Yanofsky, MD, has practiced neurology near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, since 1981. He is a father of three children and currently lives with his wife, Janice, in central Pennsylvania. As a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, Yanofsky loves to proselytize about neurology and has taught neurology as a clinical associate professor at three medical schools. He has also authored many manuals about neurological conditions and was the managing partner of seven neurologists. He is a Chief of Neurology and President of the Medical Staff at his hospital. Yanofsky remains challenged by the practice of neurology but believes that the study of the brain applies more widely and has profound meaning. He credits his idealism and love of pondering for beginning his journey into medicine.