Tell the MedServ Group about a personal health care hero story to nominate them to win a trip to Vegas. In a few short words write to them about what makes the nominee a health care hero. A panel of judges will choose the winner based on effort and heart in your story, so feel free to include as much emotion and detail as possible.

The drawing will take place during health care hero awareness month in January 2023. Submit the story along with the contact information of the health care hero nominee to

The MedServ Group is a medical practice providing Optometry, Podiatry and Nurse Practitioner services to skilled nursing homes, at no cost to the patient or the nursing home. Their Doctors and Nurse Practitioners pride themselves on their gentle bed side manner taking the individual needs of each patient. Their providers are educated on how to chart directly in your EMR. They come to you with experience, a keen understanding of the geriatric population and gentle bedside manner. The goals of each service that they offer are different based on the discipline being provided.

Their Optometrists goals are to improve the standard of living of his/her patients. Their Optometrist will conduct eye exams, provide reading glasses, diagnose, assess and treat diabetic retinopathy, visceral hemorrhage and any other eye care concerns.

Their Podiatrists goals are to improve patients’ mobility. Their expertise lies in both biomechanics and structural deformities of the lower extremities. They assess diagnose and treat diabetic ulcers, general foot wounds, foot injuries, ankle conditions and disease.

Their Nurse Practitioners goals are to prevent hospitalizations. They are there to get to know every patient by assessing, diagnosing, and treating problems so they don’t become a greater issue that requires the patient to be sent out of the facility for care. They’re able to prescribe medications, offer patient education to improve longevity and create advanced care patient plans. They work hand in hand with the current medical personnel in your facility and become well integrated with your staff. They develop a trusting relationship with the patients and are dedicated to their complete care. 

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