A boy with a skin difference.
A new school.
Will he discover his inner strength?

Today is Awais’ first day at a new school. He wants to make friends, but he is worried…

He has a white patch around his eye because of a skin condition called vitiligo.

What will others think of his vitiligo? Will they make fun of him? Will he make friends?

Follow along to see how Awais discovers his everyday superpowers.

When he meets Lola, a girl with freckles, he will soon discover a mighty secret about loving his skin. When he finds out, Awais’ life will change forever.

This is only the beginning.

Book Information:
The Adventures of The Vitiligo Man
By Shankar Jalota
Publisher: Publishing Push
Published: June 23, 2022
ISBN: 9781802275650
Genre: Adventure, Self-esteem and Self-respect, Fiction , Body positive,

About the Author:
Shankar Jalota is a vitiligo advocate from London. He first got diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of fifteen. It took more than six years for him to embrace his condition after battling with low confidence and self-esteem. Shankar, now twenty-nine, has spent the last seven years spreading awareness and being an advocate for vitiligo. Teaming up with the charity Changing Faces, Shankar has been featured on BBC News, Channel 5 News, BBC Radio one news beat, as well as featured in The Daily Telegraph, HuffPost and more news related outlets. Shankar has also spent time modelling for diversity campaigns, with highlights such as being featured on the cover of the Boots Spring ’22 Health & Beauty magazine recognised as an influencer who is breaking beauty boundaries. Shankar has also spoken at vitiligo events with the charity Vitiligo Society, sharing his story and advice to those struggling with the condition. Shankar now wants to help spread awareness about vitiligo and other visible differences to a new generation. Shankar believes educating children at a young age can help raise awareness, inclusivity and acceptance of people’s differences.

Website: https://www.thevitiligoman.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thevitiligoman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thevitiligoman/

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