Armenian Dating and Friendship site ArmoDate is launched with advanced hi-tech features making it easy for Armenian singles to connect to each other.


ArmoDate, the Best Armenian dating site on the internet launched with advanced technology for Armenian singles. For the first time, ArmoDate uses a machine learning algorithm with artificial intelligence in order to be up to date with modern trance. When you register on the ArmoDate website, you teach the system what kind of people you are interested in. Then you answer some questions about your preferences, also helping the system to understand who you are looking for. The sexy colorful graphs you see in the profile are also a part of this amazing intelligent matching algorithm. This algorithm analyzes the fields completed by members and comparison to calculate if people match and to what degree.

Below are some of the features of the Armenian Dating App, ArmoDate

  • Advanced search feature
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Chat
  • Audio chat
  • See who likes you
  • See mutual likes
  • Colorful matching graphs
  • 3D features
  • Street chat
  • Block users
  • like users
  • Upload public photos
  • Upload private photos
  • Upload video
  • Android App
  • IOS App
  • Banner & Video Ads For Business Owners
  • and much more

ArmoDate comes with both iOS and Android App which is 100% AJAX, which makes them way faster than ordinary apps which use page reloading. The video and audio chat uses web RDC which means the connection is browser to browser or app to app one. This year is called the year of virtual and augmented reality, so ArmoDate is packed with 3D features. For example, street chat is an augmented reality system that allows users to walk and chat in real places. 3D cities and virtual reality technology give your members the possibility to walk, chat, change their avatars, upload their own faces to the avatars, watch movies in cinemas, and play great games right on the website or inside the apps. So join ArmoDate, the best Armenian dating site.