Jaime R. Carlo-Casellas, Ph.D. and Philip Drucker, Esq., Ret. have completed their new book, “Race Does Not Exist: We all Descend from the Same Maternal Lineage”: a powerful exploration of the ways in which different groups of humans are more closely linked then they might think, despite the pervasive threat of xenophobia and White supremacy allowing people to think otherwise.

“This book is intended to describe the development of the humanoid since the beginning of time and the absurdism of how this group of animals that descended from a dark African ape became ultra-cooperative, both cognitively and motivationally,” writes Carlo-Casellas and Drucker.

“A tiny genetic mutation that led to the development of white skin occurred on a dark-skinned African Homo sapiens as early as tens of thousands of years ago illuminates one of humanity’s most significant sources of strife. It reminds us that we must remember that skin color is only part of what race is and is not. Yet despite being such an ultra-cooperative species, the juggernauts of White supremacy, androcentrism, disparity, misogyny, homo-aversion, colonialism, persecution of those who are different, suppression of voting rights, as well as a passion for weapons, and killing each other, have been baked into the genome of many members of our species since the dawn of history. Most xenophobes tend to think they are less xenophobic than the average person. But clearly, intolerance of Black Americans, more than one hundred fifty years after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States, proves that the legacy of slavery continues to have an impact on the position of Blacks in American society today. This includes ethnophobia in the US military.”

Carlo-Casellas and Drucker continue, “The genetic diversity that exists across the entire human race is trivial, and race is not an encompassing representation of the diversity that exists among humans. ‘Race’ is a human-invented classification system. What we have here is the spirit for humans to grow together into a single family no matter the color of their skin; ethnic, social, or cultural background; gender; sexual preference; or religious predilection.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Jaime R. Carlo-Casellas, Ph.D. and Philip Drucker, Esq., Ret.’s thought-provoking writings will help readers to understand how different races of humans are genetically linked together and why they must band together, rather than let each other get torn apart by bigotry and ignorance.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “Race Does Not Exist: We all Descend from the Same Maternal Lineage” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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