HAD steps up vaccination and related publicity activities to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination of elderly and children


     A spokesman for the Home Affairs Department (HAD) said today (December 9) that to encourage the early vaccination of the young and old, the HAD’s 18 District Offices have stepped up COVID-19 vaccination activities in various districts since August so as to enable citizens of all ages, especially children and the elderly who are more vulnerable to serious infection, to be vaccinated as early as possible to obtain the much needed proper protection for themselves and others under the epidemic situation. 
     Since August, District Offices under the HAD, together with various units such as school liaison committees, primary school heads associations, kindergarten heads associations, district health centres, rural committees, women’s groups, kaifong associations, clansman associations in various districts and the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, have jointly held more than 120 vaccination activities at community halls and other locations in the districts to provide citizens with one more convenient and quick way for receiving vaccination. As at December 8, about 18 100 citizens including some 800 young children aged from 6 months to 3 years and some 3 000 elderly persons aged 70 or above had been vaccinated during these activities.

     In addition, District Offices have organised activities such as talks and visits to schools, welfare groups and local organisations, as well as distribution of publicity pamphlets, etc, to promote vaccination among the public. Since August, 79 such activities have been conducted, reaching more than 78 000 people. 

     Increasing the vaccination rate plays an important part in anti-epidemic work. The Home Affairs Department thanked all sectors of the community for fighting against the epidemic in solidarity and providing support to vaccination activities organised by various District Offices, so that citizens can be vaccinated as early as possible and high-risk groups can obtain effective protection. The District Offices will continue to hold vaccination activities at various districts to enable citizens to receive vaccination.