Surgery center led by the only Harvard-trained plastic surgeon in Lexington, Kentucky (Dr. Theo Gerstle) garners prestigious accreditation representing the best in outpatient surgical care.

Kentucky’s Lexington Plastic Surgery has earned accreditation from the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care). The prestigious accreditation represents a gold standard in outpatient surgery services.

“This is one of those recognitions that sets us apart from other plastic surgeons in our area for quality of care,” said Dr. Theo Gerstle, Lexington Plastic Surgery President. “It is not an easy accreditation to achieve, but it signals to customers that they will receive the highest standard of care available at our centers. We are very honored to have received this accreditation.”

The accreditation program is known as “1095 Strong,” representing the three-year (1095 day) accreditation cycle. Applicants must meet stringent standard-of-care requirements, which are regularly updated to reflect advances in medicine, specialty practice, and technology. These requirements govern everything from reconstructive surgery to breast augmentation to face lifts.

Accredited specialists then receive continuing education at the hands of experienced surgical faculty to stay at the cutting edge of their craft. The accreditation is a revered symbol of quality among third-party payers, medical associations, liability insurance companies, government health agencies, and the public.

Serving patients in Lexington, Louisville, and the surrounding areas, Lexington Plastic Surgery is known for providing “world class care in the Bluegrass.” The centers’ premiere surgeon, Dr. Theo Gerstle, is the only Harvard-trained plastic surgeon in Lexington, Kentucky. He offers a broad range of services: facial rejuvenation, reconstructive surgery, treatment for migraine headaches, breast augmentations and reductions, and more.

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About Lexington Plastic Surgery

Lexington Plastic Surgery is one of the highest-rated plastic surgery centers in Lexington, KY. They aim to provide innovation and excellence in plastic surgery including facelifts, neck lifts, breast augmentation, and many more.