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We spend most of our lives searching and waiting for answers from God, aiming to find meaning and to make sense of our existence and faith. However, are we asking the right questions? “The Answer” by Tom Mangino is a book about a question that many Christians has asked themselves: ‘Am I saved?’

The message of the story is delivered through the life and death experience of John, a loving husband and father, who gets hit by a car while saving a little boy’s life. The book consists of fifteen chapters, each with a title relevant to what the chapter is all about. Chapter one is specifically entitled, ‘The Emergency Room,’ as it depicts John’s experience in the ER, deathly afraid. It was a scary time for him as he had no idea what was happening and all he could feel was the excruciating pain running through his body and the presence of the nurse that wiped blood from his head. In that moment, John’s own life passes through his mind, and the readers will learn more about it in the succeeding chapters.

Written by a faithful Christian, “The Answer” also brings forth the value of love within a family. It touches on the imperfect relationship of John and his wife, Sarah with their son, Joshua. Joshua had fallen away from his faith. He witnessed the accident himself and wondered why his father sacrificed his life for a neighbor’s grandson. Utterly moving and full of deep reflections, one will finish this book with a wider outlook on life and God’s amazing ways.

Eventually, the answer is revealed later in the book, and it will no doubt, satisfy you.

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“The Answer”

Author: Tom Mangino

Publisher: ‎ Authorhouse (April 25, 2022)

Language: ‎ English

ISBN-13: 9781665557306

About the Author

Tom Mangino is a 67 years old Christian. Married for 45 years with his wife Maria. They have two kids and six grand kids.