With the rise of gentle parenting, self-love comes into play as the foundation of a “gentle parent” and “gentle child.” How can we teach our kids to be gentle with themselves if we are hard on ourselves? The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart is a bedtime story that teaches the early concept of self-love while healing an adult’s inner child, complemented by exceptionally beautiful illustrations.

There is a girl born with a lock on her heart, orphaned, and never learned of love. She is told that finding a key could unlock her heart and bring her love. So she went on a journey to find it. But the journey is not easy, as she learns that she needs to first find love before finding the key. Why is love the answer to finding her key? What kind of love does she need? Will the girl who never learned of love find love and her key?

“…I feel like this will make an impact on adults just as much as children.” –Stephanie from Goodreads

“A lovely book about self love explained in a way children will understand, along with some positive affirmations at the end…” –Whimsyguides from Goodreads

“…doesn’t matter if we are the kid who doesn’t understand how the world works or the adult who’s reading the book to the kids. We all need this book…” -Tamishly from Goodreads

Book Information:

The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart

By Lauren Lee

Publisher: Self-Published

Published Date: 31st October, 2022

ISBN: 9798218081423

Genre: Children’s Fiction/Picture Book

About the Author:

Lauren Lee was born and raised in Hong Kong. Growing up, she was always painting in her free time and dreamed of working in the creative industry one day. She moved to NYC when she was 18 to pursue fashion design at Parsons School of Design. A year into working as a designer, she realized that was not what she dreamed of doing. So she picked up her paintbrush and published her debut children’s book, The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart.

If you would like more information or any other inquiries, please contact Lauren Lee at (313) 392 3988 or email laurenlee.inquiry@gmail.com


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