The nearly 550 square-foot mural features elements representing important milestones, including founding Executive Director Rodney Fernandez, the multi-faceted history and origin story of Cabrillo EDC, as well as the organization’s values and principles. The mural is featured in the stairwell entrance to Cabrillo EDC’s corporate offices in Ventura, 702 County Square Drive.

The media and the community are invited to a virtual mural unveiling. Viewers will get a look at the completed mural and have an opportunity to chat with the muralist, Anthony Macri Ortiz and Cabrillo EDC staff and board members about the project.

Event Details:

Who: Cabrillo EDC

What: 40 Years of Home” mural unveiling

When: Tuesday, November 29th @ 12.30pm

Where: Livestream

“We hope whoever sees the mural will feel immense connection to the history of Cabrillo EDC and the passion and work that goes into making sure everyone has safe, affordable housing,” said Margarita H. de Escontrias, Chief Executive Officer of Cabrillo EDC. “Community is central to the work that is done at Cabrillo EDC. Our mission and values are focused around building an engaged community and providing comprehensive housing services and resources for seniors, farmworkers, veterans and families in the Ventura County community.”

Cabrillo EDC partnered with local Oxnard muralist, Anthony Macri Ortiz to bring their 40th anniversary mural to life. From start to finish, the mural took about a month to complete. “Anthony truly understood our goal of honoring Cabrillo’s roots and creating a piece to promote awareness about the importance of developing housing that positively impacts the community’s health, education, public safety, social services, and economic development,” said H. de Escontrias.

Tuesday, November 29 was chosen as the day to unveil the mural to celebrate the significance of Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Cabrillo EDC encourages donations that will go to core Cabrillo EDC property services including homework and after-school programs, senior food donations, cooking classes, health fairs, and more to help Cabrillo EDC residents live happy and healthy lives. The donation site can be found using this link.

About Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation

The Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation has been making dreams come true, one home at a time, since 1981. Proud to be the largest developer of affordable homes in Ventura County, Cabrillo’s success is the result of decades of passion, dedication and vision. With a mission of providing comprehensive housing services and community economic development activities, Cabrillo facilitates self-sufficiency for individuals and families who are most lacking in opportunity. At Cabrillo, home is more than a place to live – it is the cornerstone of the community’s economic, environmental and social wellbeing.