“Why Tech alone can’t solve modern problems” will go live on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. IST. Click here to register. https://www.peppersquare.com/webinar/why-tech-alone-cant-solve-modern-problems/

Webinar Overview:

While racing to be a relevant brand, companies often forget a crucial detail – Personalization. 73% of customers consider personalization a basic expectation. And the design is what drives customization. Pepper Square’s tech webinar will focus on transforming companies from plain tech-driven to vibrant design-driven.

The webinar will elaborate on how personalization via design can be a game-changer for any company. Hosted by Muki Regunathan, a serial entrepreneur and founder at Pepper Square, this 30-minute tech webinar will be a platform to grab excellent insights to create an extraordinary digital experience for your business.

In addition, this exclusive webinar on design will provide its attendees with transformative access to design trade secrets, which can help senior leaders grow their business by 10X.

The key takeaways include the following:

– Choice architecture framework to influence customer’s decisions

– Transformative strategies for businesses

– A fail-proof plan to hook customers’ attention

Meet the speaker

Muki Regunathan is the founder and CEO of Pepper Square, a global UI/UX design company. With 26 years of entrepreneurial experience, he has invested in 19 startups with three successful exits and seven failures. Furthermore, he has bootstrapped five companies.