The next generation of compact, energy-efficient, high-lumen output lamps is here!

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Nov. 16, 2022PRLog — HyLite LED Lighting, and their subsidiary AEON LED, take great pride in offering energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly lighting products like LED lights, luminaires, and retrofits that are both innovative and affordable. Global demand for long-lasting, low-maintenance lighting systems that perform at their best in energy efficiency is rising as energy costs continue to climb. Their cutting-edge products are designed for infrastructure lighting applications serving commercial, industrial, outdoor, and other sectors.

For more information, visit our website: LED Post-Top Intigo Lamps are robust, industrial-grade lamps that provide superb, reliable, all-around illumination. They have a highly efficient lighting design and are highly regarded for their ability to drastically lower energy usage and re-lamping costs by 67% to 90%.

Because they are simple to install in both new and old fixtures and are well-suited for operation in damp environments and fully-enclosed fixtures, NexGen LED Lamps are the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications

Common uses for NexGen LED Post-Top Intigo Lamps include:

– Security lighting

– Street/Post tops

– Driveways and walkways

– Acorn fixtures

– Historic and vintage fixtures

– Decorative lighting

NexGen Post-Top Intigo Lamps come in wattages of 30W & 50W that can easily replace high-intensity discharge lights equivalent from 100W to 250W of traditional lighting but without the presence of mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, or metal halide.

The improved optical clarity of NexGen Intigo Post-Top Lamps improves visibility and security. Additionally, it provides this clear, crisp lighting while also reducing light pollution. The compact size of these bulbs makes them the perfect replacement for CFL, MV, HID, and HPS lamps in existing post-top fixtures, and they are safe and effective for fully enclosed fixtures and wet areas. They have a rugged industrial design that resists high shock, high vibration, and shattering. NexGen Intigo Post-Top Lamps offer homogeneous and even light dispersion with a 360° beam angle. The new Intigo Post-Top Lamps operate coolly, generating bright light without adding to the heat load or ambient temperature.

Legacy light fixtures such as CFL, MV, HID, and HPS lamps can be easily replaced with NexGen LED Post-Top Intigo Lamps and be retrofitted into existing sockets with speed and ease. With up to 60,000 hours of lamp life, they significantly reduce replacement, maintenance, and disposal costs. In addition, these NexGen LED lamps are designed to work anywhere in the world thanks to a universal input voltage range of 100-277V or 120-347V.

NexGen LED Post-Top Intigo Lamps come loaded with the following features:

– Extremely efficient: 142 LPW providing up to 90% in energy savings

– 60,000 hours of rated life

– Free 20kA surge protection device Included

– IP64: Complete protection against contact, dust infiltration, and water splashes

– Instant on/off

– Suitable for fully-enclosed fixtures

– 360° illumination with even, uniform lighting

– No hazardous materials. RoHS compliant: no lead, mercury, toxic metals, or arsenic gasses

– 347V & 480V models available

– High ROI and quick payback after installation

– No disposal requirements

– Environmentally friendly—98% recyclable

– 5-year warranty

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