Investments in global trading by high frequency trading catering to high net worth individuals, small institutions, and hedgers .The firm has access to 5000 assets, with world class service and research.

Steven Lawrence – Co Manager of Alpha Centauri  Algorithmic Fund

As a firm that invests for accredited investors globally, and has access to over 5,000 asset classes globally, with world class execution and delivery. The most essential ingredient to attaining  realistic returns is one must determine  what value based on a math model that makes sense which deploys high level computing and human intervention by understanding the narrative. We successfully predicated the implosion of the Hang Seng Index, as of June 21, 2022:

The comprise for investors is how to interact with the ”rise of the machines “ click and you own! Investing in high quality assets takes research, math, and psychology. We deploy that strategy on behalf of our clients by delivering world class service and research. As a firm we never invested in crypto and/or alternative investments, however we did give our clients the ability to purchase that asset class, only through a cold wallet/storage which do not have exposure to exchanges, an old school strategy that works which is hold the asset physically .

We are in a short term recession, and the key to acquiring returns is to make quality investments. In companies that make money with virtually no debt. Unfortunately the  public is accustomed to a sexy story. We emphasize to our clients we only invest in  companies that management is buying,  Intel , Eaton , Honeywell, Paypal, Occidental Petroleum, Thermo Fisher,  just to name a few.

We see potential value in China, but as far as speculation , I would invest in a high quality Chinese companies in technology and medical, I would stay away from property. Once again our flagship fund Alpha had exceptional returns of 19.9 percent for the quarter.