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Holding the message “Never Give Up” high in the sky, this story touches the reader’s hearts with its warm, enveloping, mesmerizing t

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“El Sueño” is a story about the life of the son of a migrant worker in search of a better life. Only to find herself giving up her only child. This story will inspire you to believe that all things are possible with God, dedication, and hard work. This story is an enticing, passionate, captivating story that is sure to capture and enamor the reader’s hearts with its beautiful details, and a good plot.

This story is equipped with its plot, writing style, and an intellectually stirring book. The humorous but meaningful dialogues are hard to forget. It’s an engaging story filled with fictional events intertwined with facts. It often poses controversial questions that leave the readers baffled. Outstanding storytelling makes a perfect candidate for an all-time blockbuster film.

“El Sueño”

Written by Rodney Rodriguez

Publisher: Xlibris

Date Published: 11 Ferurary 2014

Paperback: $15.99

About the Author

Rodney Rodriguez is a Mexican American who was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He currently lives in Grand Prairie, TX. He is married with children and grandchildren. He is a Licensed Insurance Agent and have been in the business since 1994. He has been with his current employer for about 25 years. The past 25 years, His team of agents have had a great success as a team thru out his career. He also serves at his local church (man power). His job is to service and help the handicap and direct traffic from Uber, Lift and transit. He is blessed and favored family man who wants the best for his family and friends.

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