CSD launches community education activity “Rehabilitation Express” (with photos)


     The Correctional Services Department (CSD) held the kick-off ceremony of its brand-new community education activity, “Rehabilitation Express” (RehEx), today (November 11).


     The RehEx is the 12th community education programme under the Rehabilitation Pioneer Project (RPP) targeting primary school students. The CSD will arrange a promotion vehicle to visit primary schools in various districts across the territory to enhance the promotion of national security, national education, crime prevention, as well as anti-drug and support for rehabilitation messages to primary school students through electronic games set up in the promotion vehicle and dodgebee, a newly emerged sport.


     Speaking at the ceremony, the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, said that the CSD has been actively promoting community education. Through the RPP, it has collaborated with different community service organisations to organise diversified learning and experiential activities to instill correct values in young people, enabling them to become responsible and law-abiding citizens. The RehEx is a brand-new community education activity of the department tailor-made for primary school students. The CSD will arrange a promotion vehicle to visit at least 10 primary schools in various districts every month to enhance students’ awareness of national security, sense of responsibility and correct values, and to teach them to become law-abiding citizens through the interactive electronic games installed in the vehicle. The activity is very meaningful.


     The CSD has implemented the RPP since 2008 and collaborated with a number of schools and social service organisations over the years to promote the messages of “law-abiding, drug-free life, and supporting the rehabilitation of offenders” to young people through a variety of learning activities, including the launch of the “Mission in Prison” in 2021, which is modelled on an escape room activity. While the participants of RPP events are mainly secondary students, the target participants of the RehEx are primary students, thereby further extending the reach of community education by the CSD.