The Phoenix hip hop artist B. Streets’s newest rap song “Unholy Sins” is a dark tale that hints at the rough events of his life, creating an unbreakable connection with his audience.

Phoenix, Arizona Nov 11, 2022 (  – After plummeting hits like ‘Room 666’ and ‘Mystery’, B. Streets is back with another impressive track ‘Unholy Sins’ (Prod. Netuh) which has already received massive acclaim from listeners. The song explores the genre of dark rap and leaves a haunting impression on the listeners. At first instance, the song appears to be groovy yet coarse, but that is the very essence of the song. The artist always ensures to lend his songs a personal touch by using the lyrics to tell the story of his past experiences and some of the more dark and rough moments and events.

With his talent, this Phoenix hip hop artist aims to create music that other people would be able to relate to and also enjoy a different type of rap that isn’t controlled by labels, and he has stuck to this philosophy, and ‘Unholy Sins’ is no different. The audio is dark by nature and climbs its way into the scene of contemporary rap. The song brings in a sense of clarity and of creative minimalism with the just right amount of oomph. The heavy vibes and the crispness of production and the raw vocal threads make the song truly iconic.

The gradually accentuating rap pace and the subtle to-and-fro dynamic of the song is a juxtaposition of methodic organization and chaos that makes the song unique. The inherent darkness of the lyrics goes perfectly with the mild rocking music. The haunting aura the song exudes engulfs the listeners and gets them hooked. B. Streets’s music remains true to his core till the very end, connecting the artist to his audience and engaging them, and it has been evident in every track he has produced to date. To check them out, hop into SoundCloud and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more.

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