The Revolutionary System Can Grow More Plants Per Square Feet Than Any Other Aquaponics Design, Can be Scaled to Size, and Can be Built Anywhere in the World

The rhetoric traveling throughout the world is the topic of inflation and impending food shortages that loom overhead. As citizens begin stocking their cupboards with canned foods, rice, and beans; food sources like farmers, landowners, greenhouses, schools, restaurant owners, investors, and anyone looking to grow food indoors commercially are seeking innovative ways to combat the food shortage. Dachnik Aquaponics is proud to announce the release of its revolutionary Dachnik Triple Trough, a vertical aquaponic growing system that can be scaled to any size and thrive in any environment in the world.

Renowned as a leader in the industry, Dachnik Aquaponics has spent the last decade developing a unique and groundbreaking system that can be built anywhere, scale to any size, and thrive in any environment. The Dachnik Triple Trough has been strategically designed to usher in a new era of self-sustainability for commercial farming.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the Dachnik Triple Trough fits into any size greenhouse or building, utilizes both vertical and horizontal methods to maximize space, requires the least amount of manpower to manage, and grows more plants per square foot than any other aquaponics design.

Traditional problems that prevent commercial farmers from becoming profitable through aquaponics will become a thing of the past with the Dachnik Triple Trough. This unique system creates an unparalleled sense of control to cultivate fresh plants by mimicking the elements of soil and mother nature as closely as possible. Additionally, due to its simplicity and self-automated design, the Dachnik Triple Trough greatly limits labor and energy costs, requires less space, and it creates a smooth, seamless, and self-sufficient farming system.

“Food will be the most important and valuable investment of the future.” – Ken Burrows

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the commercial farming industry, Dachnik Aquaponics purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About Dachnik Aquaponics

Dachnik Aquaponics is an aquaponics vertical growing technology company, specializing in designing commercial growing facilities. Founded in 2012 by Ken Burrows and based in Orem, Utah, Dachnik Aquaponics works in harmony with nature to create a growing environment like no other. Each system takes on a life of its own with its unique rhythm. By balancing the enzymes and beneficial bacteria, Dachnik Aquaponics grows the best tasting, healthiest food on the planet.