Gretchen Reininga-Yates educates readers on the art of unwinding through her book.

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Catch the book display of Gretchen Reininga-Yates at NYLA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show.

The enlightening self-help book, “Are YOU Breathing?” by Gretchen Reininga-Yates, is all set to be displayed by ReadersMagnet at the New York Library Association 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show on November 3–4, 2022, at the Saratoga Springs City Center at 522 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

“Are YOU Breathing?” will guide readers through the uncharted territory of their unreasonable feelings and lead them to a place that is clear, bright, and free of anxiety. It conveys the idea that individuals are not their feelings any more than clouds are the sky. Both are essential; however, clouds help to determine the weather, and emotions help to shape a person’s personality.

This book is about learning how to practice the art of attention and relaxation by using one’s breath to control one’s feelings in the same way that the wind controls the clouds.

This insightful book was written in the rhythm of breathing to help its readers learn how to control their emotions by focusing on their breathing, leading them to a life of amazing independence from anxiety-driven cravings.

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“Are YOU Breathing?”

Author | Gretchen Reininga-Yates

Genre | Self-Help

Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC

Published date | September 6, 2022


Gretchen Reininga-Yates lives on a small island in Puget Sound and has done in-depth work in meditations, including Vipassana, Kundalini, Transcendental, Dynamic, and others focused on breathing, whether in motion or sitting.