Ann Marie Puig, a business consultant and expert in global business operations, offers insight into the importance of proper organization development for business success.

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We are becoming more aware of the fact that our world is highly globalized and that there is constant improvement. From a business perspective, this factor encourages organizations to become more competitive and stay on the cutting edge of technology. The human factor is also a key strategic component for achieving organizational development. Ann Marie Puig, a global business consultant, has identified some factors that influence the behavior and performance and can help you make plans to create an organizational climate conducive to your success.

Organizations are currently facing many problems, such as low productivity, motivation, staff turnover, communication issues, and a poor work culture. Organizational Development (OD), a series of plans and strategies for a company’s improvement, is a way to make sure that the human element is at the center.

These must be supported by tools, practices, as well as objectives. These will balance quality of life and sense of belonging. They will also help align the goals of the company with the collaborators in order to improve their productivity. It’s about increasing the performance and growth of the company.

Woo says that organizational development is a practice that pays attention to professional and personal relationships. Puig explains, “How they develop in different contexts and what factors are beneficial or detrimental to the organizational structure.” OD refers to a series of phases that include selection and recruitment, preliminary diagnosis, treatment, assessment, intervention, evaluation and follow-up.

To determine the problem, the preliminary diagnosis involves assessing the situation through interviews or surveys. It is important to have the right tools in order for employees to give honest feedback. HR managers need to develop a strategy and ask the right questions to help them draw conclusions and make improvements.

All employees should be involved in organizational development. Giving employees constant, sincere feedback is one way to build a relationship. A good idea is to have weekly one-on-one meetings between employees and employers. You can also help develop your talents by having the tools to conduct performance evaluations.

You can optimize this by using human resource software that allows for surveys. It is useful to gather doubts, opinions, and understand workers’ needs. It allows employees to quickly express their opinions and solve problems objectively and quickly.

Puig adds, “To achieve organizational development, it is essential to continuously monitor the functioning of different departments within a company.” It is also important to evaluate each employee’s job performance.

This can be done by conducting a thorough performance evaluation that identifies their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. This will help you to identify the skills that you can use to advance and what you can do with a training management program.

The company should be able to make adjustments to avoid any further problems based on the feedback received from customers or employees. It is important to act on the information to avoid negative effects on work and results.

A document information manager is necessary in order to complete each stage. Human resources software allows you to conduct surveys, assess labor performance, and manage all corporate documents (contracts, payroll, etc.) in a secure, private, and organized manner. It is much easier to find information quickly in the document repository, and to make a quality decision based on past analysis.

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